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"Zucchini Recycling" New at The Black Cow

August 23, 2007

“Zucchini Recycling” returns to the Black Cow Coffee Shop for its second year. Simply put, inside the coffee shop is a basket with a sign, as illustrated below. In the basket, area gardeners can deposit their surplus home-grown vegetables. As others come by the store, they are free to help themselves to the produce items in the basket.


So, instead of allowing local bumper crops to rot in the garden, growers can recycle them by sharing with others. And, as most know, freshly-picked, hand-tendered vegetables are one of nature’s most delicious treats.

According to store owner Michael Grant, the “Zucchini Recycling” program will continue until the end of the growing season or as long as there is shared produce available.

The Black Cow Coffee Company is located at 51 Maple Street next to Wachovia Bank and can be reached by phone at 914-271-7544 or by visiting their website.


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