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Our Back to School Wishes for Croton

September 7, 2007

We at iluvcrtn wish all our neighbors a happy and healthy New Year. Does It seem strange to read that message on this 2nd day of September? It’s because we believe our “new year” begins with Labor Day and the opening of a new school year. We’ve long recognized that we are a community of, by and for our children.

Our lives, for the most part, revolve around them and their schedules whether we have children living at home or not. With the advent of a new school year our kids go off equipped with new lunch boxes, backpacks and school supplies. New schedules are read and reread so both kids and parents know when and where they are supposed to be. They return to clean, fresh and newly painted classrooms and say hello to old friends and teachers and embrace new ones. It’s a new year with new excitement and new challenges. Our wish for parents, students and teachers alike is that it’s a good and satisfying year. We hope it’s filled with gentleness and joy, excitement and adventure and the awesome awareness of stretching and growing.

We think it’s timely to say special thanks again to the many, many volunteers who contribute to life in our schools and our village. Without the literally hundreds of unselfish, giving and dedicated volunteers our community would be a very different place indeed. If all these wonderful people were paid for their expertise and service our taxes would be doubled, tripled or quadrupled! We owe them big time!

There are too many participants to name individually and by just thinking of the on-going active committees the numbers are staggering! And these numbers don’t include the committees that had a beginning and an end; those who completed their missions and disbanded. Here’s a challenge for you just for fun and to get you thinking, see how many organizations you recognize from their acronyms alone. Then, imagine having to pay tax dollars for their operations!


This list only scratches the surface of all the volunteers and subcommittees living and working to improve our quality of life. These are only a small sampling of committees “appointed” by either the Village or School Boards. It doesn’t even try to address the hundreds of local volunteers to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church groups, tutors, Hospice workers, Hospitals, County, State and Federal organizations, and the individual one-on-ones that go on daily between neighbors. The list goes on forever and each and every participant provides valuable energy and commitment to making this world a better place to live.

In our last issue of iluvcrtn we suggested that as good as life was in Croton, there were ideas out there for ways to possibly improve. We shared some ideas with you and asked you to send us any additional thoughts you might have and we promised to bring them to you as well Below are several addtions our readers made to our original list.

  1. Get various village and school boards talking to one another about mutual concerns. Maybe a once-a-year “summit” meeting.
  2. Develop and share a prioritized list of goals for accomplishment for the next 5 years at a yearly “State of the Village” meeting.
  3. A report from each village board liaison summarizing activity and pending proposals/considerations before respective boards or committees.
  4. Further explore the bottling of world-famous “Croton Water”
  5. Capitalize on Croton’s best commodity to merchandise; i.e., our history - past Bohemian community
  6. Instead of thinking Cappelli or Trump; think local developers. Dick Albert knows Croton and its development history best. Consult him for ideas.
  7. Always look for and use Croton talent first. We have a wealth of it in our community.
  8. Boards must use technology to improve communications.

Keep those ideas coming. It’s our community!!!

And finally….what the heck are you doing inside on such a beautiful day…clear, crisp, sunny in beautiful down-town Croton! Take a walk along Elliott Way. Sit at Senasqua and watch the sail boats. Better yet, sail out into the sunset. Enjoy these final glorious days of summer.



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