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Harmon's Belated Sidewalk Improvement Plan

September 14, 2007

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To the editor,

Follows is a copy of a letter that I recently sent to the village board:

Mr. Mayor and Trustees-

I just had a conversation with Dan O’Connor which left me quite unsatisfied regarding the Village Sidewalk Improvement Plan, and the restoration of the curbs and grassy medians in the Harmon area. When I attended a meeting well before the Water Main program started, Harmon residents were led to believe that immediately following the paving of Harmon that the 3 foot of grassy area between the sidewalks and the street would be restored. My conversation with Mr. O’Connor revealed that this will happen only on a case-by-case schedule as an individual gets their sidewalk restored as part of the Sidewalk Improvement program which is woefully behind schedule.

Apparently, the tiny crew that is currently working on Benedict Boulevard is the only crew, and therefore we will be lucky if Benedict alone is done before winter. Which means all of us waiting on the sidewalk list for years, will have to hope that next years low bidder, which will probably be a tiny crew as well, may get some sidewalks done. I was told by Joe Sperber over a year ago that I could expect my sidewalk to be done by May, 2007. Now, I realize that May 2008 is doubtful. Another year, another excuse.

Many of my neighbors have been waiting for years for this program to get to them. We have cracked and sometimes dangerous sidewalks, which we would have fixed if we realized that this would take so long. It seems that tax increases and new taxes (sewer) happen with speed and efficiency, but benefits to taxpayers come slow, slow, slow.

I urge you all to insist to Mr. O’Connor that all people signed up for the 50-50 program be satisfied next spring, even if it requires 2 crews (or more) working to get it done. It’s been long enough.

— H.


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