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Open Croton's Parks to Dogs

September 25, 2007

Crotonblog: Letters to the Editor, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
To the editor,

A group of well-meaning and public spirited Croton residents are seeking help from our Mayor and Village Board. We are requesting a change to the existing park and recreation law that prohibits dogs from any and all public parks and are seeking a dog-friendly park designation where our dogs will be welcome. Animals are much better behaved and “polite” when walking with their owners than many of their owners are! Making such a place available not be complicated or expensive. It should be relatively simple. Clearly, we have several spots that would be perfect for this kind of activity and even the possibility for dog swimming. We are suggesting consideration of the following.

Amend the existing ordinance to read “dogs are permitted between the hours of X and X on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…or…”between the hours of X and X on odd (or even) days of the week.” This would be sufficient and dogs would always be attended by their owners watchful eyes. This would present little hardship for people who may not want to be near dogs as they could easily plan their attendance for times other than those designated as dog-friendly times.

In truth, we know that Senasqua Park, Croton Landing and Black Rock are beautiful and underutilized parks and any or all of these three would be most suitable sites. We suggest all three as it would minimize any impact on any one park. In addition, because no costs would be involved, (no fences, no wood chip base, no blacktop) and if it was unworkable after an initial trial period, it would be simple to repeal the amendment. It goes without saying that dog owners would remain responsible to clean up after their dogs as a condition of use.

Such a change is easily and quickly doable and would bring Croton in line with other communities and the county park system. Now is the perfect time for a trial period as the parks are even less used now than in the summer months.

This action would be a clear indication that Croton officials are willing to work with any group of residents who come before them with reasonable requests..

— Georgianna

On September 26, 2007 4:01 PM, dors said:

Red Hill, what a fabulous idea to have the old SK8 park as our new dog park. I love the idea and I hope the board agrees. Let’s ALL email the board and tell them how strongly we feel about this issue.

On September 26, 2007 9:57 AM, Red Hill Resident said:

Why not use the skate park facility? It is about the size of the dog run in Union Square. The fence is already up. Spread the chips that are piled there, move the park benches inside, add a source of water and voila, instant dog run. I know its not as pretty as Black Rock and yes, all the parks should be open to dogs, but it would be an easy repurposing of the site. And, close to coffee!

On September 26, 2007 9:19 AM, notorc said:

Georgianna, you are correct, something needs to be done. I find it ridiculous that my dog can’t accompany us to most parks in Croton while leashed.

One correction though, Croton Landing does allow dogs as does Croton Gorge. Ufortunately for dog owners both Croton Gorge and Croton Landing are closed for improvements.

I could understand not allowing dogs where there are play structures (e.g. small children) but c’mon now, a place like Black Rock Park is perfect for dogs. Although the argument could be made that Croton Gorge nearby does allow dogs.

One day, we were looking for something to do a nice Sunday afternoon and we didn’t want to leave the dog behind. Where’d we go? Woodbury Commons (ok we had to do some shopping also).

I find it Ironic we can bring our dog to a shopping mall but not to the parks.


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