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Larry Craig: Is He Going or Staying? Maybe, Maybe Not

September 28, 2007

Remember how Sen. Larry Craig was going to resign from the U.S. Senate on Sept. 30th? It now appears he may not be leaving after all, according to his attorney. If the judge in Minneapolis allows him to withdraw his guilty plea, he will go to trial, a headline-grabbing move that will surely cause consternation in Republican ranks just when their presidential candidates are jousting for nomination.

If the judge denies his request, he may stick around Washington and serve out the remaining 15 months of his term—an embarrassment to the Republican brass who roundly condemned him and wanted him gone quickly. This decision would make Larry Craig about as popular in the Senate as an infestation of fire ants at a picnic…

The incident has become another example of political hypocrisy so rampant in Washington. (Craig was loud in his condemnation of Bill Clinton as “a naughty, naughty boy.”) The Minneapolis airport men’s room has become a popular spot for tourists to visit and snap souvenir photos. And a hilarious parody of the song “Knock Three Times” now memorializes the senatorial misadventure.

You can watch and listen to a performance of the song below:


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