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Pardon Us for Preening

October 6, 2007

When the prestigious New York Times asked Crotonblog for permission to reprint portions of our editorial condemning the plan to inject chemical additives into Croton’s water supply, it took us about a tenth of a second to agree.

Readers will find it reprinted on page 15 of the Westchester Section of tomorrow’s Sunday Times (October 7, 2007) and titled “Drink Zinc?” Before, only Crotonblog readers were aware of this nefarious plan to change the character of Croton’s famous water. Now all of Westchester County is aware of what’s going on in Croton.

We called the chemical additive scheme a “plan” in the two paragraphs above. The quick succession of presentation at one village board meeting, and the attempt to pass a resolution at the very next board meeting makes Crotonblog think that we should have called it what it now seems to be—a “plot.”

On October 6, 2007 9:06 PM, weewill said:

Why must we complicate everything?

Safety first and foremost - untll we know positively the immediate effects of this chemical as well as the long-range cumulative effects we should not add it to our award winning Croton water.

If you feel you must, buy a filter!


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