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No Additives Here, Just Pure Croton Water

October 9, 2007

Despite the calendar marking last Saturday and Sunday as the first weekend in October, devout Croton River lovers lined the shores of Silver Lake. Although water temperatures remained in the low to mid-sixties, many people took pleasure in prolonged swims in the pristine and crystal clear river water—the bountiful overflow from the New Croton Dam, free for the taking.

On their way towards the Hudson River, these same waters penetrate down through layer upon layer of ancient glacial sands and gravels. Deep below, they replenish the aquifer that supplies Croton’s own world-famous water supply. Nature has added no adulterants or contaminants to this boundless source.

croton-river-silver-lake-2.jpg croton-river-silver-lake-3.jpg
croton-river-silver-lake-5.jpg croton-river-silver-lake-6.jpg

Why would anyone want to add chemicals to the marvelous water from this unique resource? Why would anyone want to do anything to change this ambrosial liquid merely to make a few cast iron pipes last a little longer? As Shakespeare said, “To gild refined gold, to paint the lilly, to throw pefume on the violet is wasteful and ridiculous excess.”


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