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Croton Harmon Education Foundation Announces Incoming Board of Directors

October 11, 2007

The Croton-Harmon Education Foundation (CHEF) recently elected its 2007-2008 Board of Directors. Sabina Barach, who has been President for the past two years, is stepping down to be Vice President. Gem Mitchell, will be assuming the role of President. Charlie Weinstock, a new board member, will be the Secretary and Beth Wallance will continue her role as Treasurer. Teri Lukin, who was a CHEF Board Member last year and recently assumed a position on the Croton-Harmon School Board, will be the newly-created liaison between CHEF and the School Board.

Gem Mitchell said, “I am honored to be President of CHEF and I look forward to working with the board members, the school staff, and the community to support innovation in our schools.”

A complete listing of board members follows:

  • Gem Mitchell, President
  • Sabina Barach, Vice President
  • Charlie Weinstock, Secretary
  • Beth Wallance, Treasurer
  • Erik Aldeborgh
  • Mary O’Neill Berry
  • Ann Gallelli
  • Melissa London-Glickman
  • Bianca Mancinelli
  • Quinn Moss
  • Demetra Tseckares Restuccia
  • Colleen Roeschel
  • Debra Polansky Schor
  • Kathleen Dunleavy Soares
  • Teri Lukin, School Board Liaison

If school district residents have a program idea—please share it with CHEF. Applications can be filled out by students, teachers or parents. The deadline for fall 2007 grants is December 15th. The Croton-Harmon Education Foundation has been in existence for over seven years. Through the generous support of the Croton community, CHEF has awarded grants of more than $330,000 for a variety of initiatives, many of which give students unique educational experiences that go beyond the scope of traditional classroom learning.

For more information, visit the Foundation’s website at


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