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Mayor Schmidt's Trip to Washington Has Been Postponed

October 11, 2007

Crotonblog HEARS...

That’s right! The trip billed as “Mayor Schmidt Goes To Washington” to testify before a congressional subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure set for today, Thursday, has been postponed until next Tuesday, October 16th.

At the end of the last village board meeting, the mayor, beaming with pride, boastfully described his upcoming performance in Washington. His “part” gives him a chance to testify in support of closing a loophole in current legislation. This exempts waste transfer stations with connections to a railroad from state and local regulation—the reason for ongoing litigation with Greentree Realty, owner of the land on which Metro Enviro operated a transfer station for nearly seven years.

But, as usual, Mayor Schmidt didn’t tell residents the full story. Crotonblog hears that he is only getting five minutes to read a prepared statement—written by Croton’s team of expensive lawyers, of course.

Crotonblog figures that Mayor Schmidt’s trip will cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars. And even more if he brings an attorney from the “team,” expenses his meals and stays overnight.

Couldn’t you just email it? Wait, no, you don’t “do email,” do you, Mayor Schmidt? But you also could fax it to Rep. John Hall’s office and have it entered into the record instead of taking such an expensive ego trip? Aren’t you afraid that someone will do something awful to Croton’s water while you’re gone?


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