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North County News Still Can't Get Its Facts Right

October 30, 2007

We hate to keep criticizing the North County News for errors it makes in its news reporting. If it hopes to extend its circulation to areas far beyond its headquarters in Yorktown, it owes the readership it seeks a much higher level of accuracy.

In a piece entitled “Croton board reconsiders water additive” in the October 10 issue of the North County News, its reporter Adriane Tillman wrote, “The village wants to add the chemical (zinc orthophosphate) to the water to reduce corrosion of the pipes that are leaching copper and lead into the water and causing brown water.”

Crotonblog would point out that it is not copper and lead leached into Croton’s water that cause “brown water,” but rather the archaic design of the water distribution system that leaves some households located on dead-end stubs—water mains in which water tends to stagnate and cause the Village’s cast-iron water mains to rust.

In an article in the October 24 issue of the North County News titled, “All aboard: Croton-Harmon opened house” about the October 20 event in which visitors could inspect Metro North’s shop facilities, the same reporter stated, “On the Hudson Line, however, the third rail stops at Brewster and only diesel-powered trains can pull passengers to Poughkeepsie.”

For Ms. Tillman’s information, Brewster is not a station on the Hudson line but rather a station on Metro North’s Harlem line. The third rail on the Harlem line actually ends at Southeast (formerly North Brewster). The third rail on the Hudson line ends at Croton North.

And, of course, there’s the howler of recent memory by their newly hired copy editor in which a meeting at Hendrick Hudson High School was described at taking place at Charley Road—the reporter’s garbling of Trolley Road.

The North County News has been running a Help Wanted ad in its sister Pennysaver publication every week for the past few months seeking a reporter. Perhaps what they should be advertising for is a fact checker.

On November 9, 2007 9:27 AM, SeniorLady said:

I have also noticed a multitude of factual, spelling, and grammatical errors in North County Newspaper. Found the following on paper’s Internet website.

ARE YOU A COPY EDITOR? APPLY HERE North County News is currently interviewing candidates highly qualified for the following job description:North County News is currently interviewing candidates highly qualified for the following job description: COPY EDITOR. Part-time. Minimum 5 years experience. Northern Westchester community newsweekly seeks expert wordsmith with journalism credentials to edit news and feature stories and proof final pages in fast-paced, deadline-driven workplace. Must have mastery of grammar, sharp eye for detail and highly focused work ethic. Flexible hours. Send resume with cover letter to

On October 31, 2007 8:21 AM, weewill said:

It’s so obvious! North County News appears to get all their Croton news directly from Maria Cudequest and she never gets her facts straight.


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