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Freedom of Information Update: The Plot Thickens

November 2, 2007

What started out almost as idle curiosity on Crotonblog’s part about a mysterious message sent by Maria Cudequest to Croton’s Mayor and Trustees has suddenly taken on worrisome overtones. There is more going on in this matter of the Freedom of Official Information than meets the eye.

To bring readers up to date: On or about Oct. 19, Ms. Cudequest sent an identical message to the Mayor and Trustees attacking Crotonblog for a variety of invidious sins. We’ve been attacked before by her, so there’s nothing unusual about that. In fact, after her banishment from Crotonblog for her use of deceptive practices, she led her small band of inbred malcontents like a Gypsy queen to a chat room set up by the North County News specifically to accommodate them. Here they hold forth in glorious isolation attacking Crotonblog and exchanging Post-It sized congratulatory messages of little interest to the occasional reader who stumbles upon the site.

But, as we said, our investigation has uncovered more than meets the eye. Crotonblog has discovered the existence of a private back channel between Ms. Cudequest and the Mayor and the two Republican Trustees. How do we know? The mysterious message attacking Crotonblog was sent by Ms. Cudequest to the following five addresses:

Notice anything unusual? Crotonblog spotted it immediately. The message sent to the Mayor and the two Republican Trustees was sent to them not at their official Village e-mail addresses but was addressed to their personal e-mail addresses. This is the same trick that was attempted by “Bush’s Brain,” Karl Rove, before he summarily left the White House “to spend more time with his family.” He got his teat caught in the wringer when it was revealed that he had dreamed up the idea of having messages sent to and from the e-mail address of the Republican National Committee in order to keep them out of White House files, where they could then be erased and their existence denied.

Is this what Ms. Cudequest is attempting here? Perhaps we should change the name of the village to Copenhagen-on-Hudson. Something is very definitely rotten in Denmark. Why haven’t the Mayor and Republican Trustees suggested to Ms. Cudequest that she use their official village e-mail addresses for messages about Village business? How many other messages pertaining to Croton’s official business have been exchanged over this back channel?

Crotonblog has noticed that Ms. Cudequest’s bi-weekly hectoring lectures to the Mayor and Village Board had diminished in frequency. Now we know why. She apparently has her own private channel of communication with the Republican majority, a subterfuge that protects what she has to say from public scrutiny or access through the Freedom of Information Law. But why haven’t the Mayor and the Republican Trustees suggested to her that she send such communications to their official Village e-mail addresses?

Oh, yes, we’ve got another question: George W. Bush’s nickname for Karl Rove, his chubby, rotund advisor. was “Turd Blossom.” Does Mayor Schmidt also refer to his chubby, rotund advisor as “Turd Blossom?”



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