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Residents: There is NO Lead in Croton's Water

November 7, 2007

No matter what is said at tonight’s so-called “information meeting,” one fact should remain paramount:

REPEAT: There is no lead in Croton’s water.

Not when it pools in the sands deep beneath the Croton River.

Not when pumps draw it to the surface and it is stored in reservoirs,

Not when it courses through Croton’s large-diameter cast-iron water mains to Croton’s homes.

It is only when water enters Croton’s homes is there a chance to pick up lead.

If your home has lead piping leading from the water main under the street to your home, water can pick up lead.

If your home has thin-walled copper piping with joints soldered together years ago, water can pick up lead.

But if your copper plumbing was installed more recently or if it is plastic, it will pick up no lead.

Other facts to keep in mind:

Lead is one of the easier substances to remove from water by simple filtration. Zinc orthophosphate is not.

Inexpensive filters to remove lead can be installed under sinks from which drinking water is most likely to be taken.

Whatever lead is present in water used for bathing, showering, toilet flushing, laundry, dish washing, gardening, car washing presents no cause for worry.

No comprehensive attempt has been made by local government to determine the incidence of lead in Croton. Water samples are taken in a small number of homes every three years to determine the amount of lead in their water.

How these homes were or are chosen has never been disclosed. If homes in older parts of the Village where lead is likely to be present are chosen results will be tilted.

There has been a tremendous leap in the amounts of lead found in products in everyday use: particularly paint on children’s toys and in jewelry, and in other products likely to be mouthed by children. An article on the dangers of lead to children (it can lead to mental and physical developmental problems) has been published in the latest issue of Consumer Reports. It should be noted that the word “water” appears only once in this article in a sidebar at the very end titled, “What You Can Do.” Here’s what it says: “Reduce lead exposure in your home. Evaluate lead risks in your home if you live in pre-1978 housing, whether or not you have children. The main concerns are deteriorating paint, dust, soil and water.”

Beware of any attempt to use this article as a red herring in tonight’s discussion of zinc orthophosphate. There is absolutely nothing in it that applies to the proposed addition of this potentially dangerous substance to Croton’s water.

The main fact to remember is that there is no lead in Croton’s water. Forcing every man woman and child in Croton to ingest a foreign substance like zinc orthophosphate would be like using an elephant gun to kill a fly. Individual households in which lead is present in the water can be induced to correct the situation by making changes in their plumbing or by adding water filters, perhaps with financial assistance from local government.

If the voice of the people is heard and listened to, we will be able to say, “There is no lead in Croton’s water. And neither is there any zinc orthophosphate.”

On November 15, 2007 9:31 AM, Benedict said:

We recently (february) purchased our home in Croton and as part of our inspection we had our water tested. It passed with flying colors. If it had not passed or if there were certain levels of unwanted elements I would have taken steps as a homeowner to eliminate them. I am sorely disapointed that additives are being forced into my water.

On November 8, 2007 11:22 AM, Just The Facts said:

I still would like to know how Schmidt and his fellow republicans got elected, and overwhelmingly in the past election. In many vital areas, the administration has nothing to show in the way of progress. In those areas that the administration has gotten involved, its been a complete disaster. For the next two election cycles (yes, its going to take two years to clear these jokers out), we all should make a pledge to actively get our friends and neighbors to vote. It is my belief that the only reason Schmidt, Brennan and Konig won last time was because most people didn’t even bother to go and vote.

The following is my report card for the Schmidt Administration (I haven’t assigned letter grades, as they all would be “F”s).

1) Open Government. PLEASE. Despite running on this, our government is anything but open. The latest development of secret emails proves this point. Not to mention, Mayor Schmidt’s rudeness and utter contempt for anyone voicing any disapproval.

2) Train Station. The village is running this business (yes, it is a business, that accounts for a good share of village revenue) into the ground. Not a dime has gone into upkeep of this facility. The pavement is non existent in certain areas, it floods regularly, the traffic paterns are a mess… I could go on and on. It is clear that the only time the Mayor gives any thoughts to the parking lot (he after all is not a commuter) is around the election when he goes down their to ask for votes (while not telling commuters that he plans on raising parking fees again — something he has done in each year of his administration when the Republicans controlled the board (2005 and 2007). Everyone should remember that Cortlandt is expanding their station by 600 spots. Those spots will be cheaper and in a well maintained lot that doesn’t flood. Get ready for a budget shortfall for 2008 folks.

3) Sewer Rents. Why the hell did this ever happen. Thanks Mayor Schmidt for ramming another fee down our throats. One that unlike property taxes can’t be deducted on my federal return. This just demonstrates once again the ineptitude of the Schmidt administration (I believe they wrongly thought that they would get extra money from Metro North this way — but that turned out to be wrong).

4) Expanding the Tax Base. I have nothing to say here, because nothing has happened on this front.

5) Polluting our Water. The original purpose of this thread. Seriously folks, either Schmidt has brown water himself or he is being paid off by someone. Why is this guy so passionate about this pollution of our water?

There are many others, but these are my top five. Crotonites, lets not forget this mess when we are asked to go the polls in March 08 and 09.

On November 7, 2007 2:50 PM, TeaDrinker said:

If zinc orthophosphate or any other chemicals are added to Croton’s water, this village can say goodbye to any plans to interest a major bottling company in bottling and selling Croton water as table water. And Croton’s water will also no longer win the title of “Best Tasting Water” since it will taste just like other Westchester waters.

All this uniqueness and quality sacrificed merely to extend the life of Croton’s water mains? What a shame! In future elections longtime residents will not forget the shortsightedness of this proposal by the Schmidt administration. We may be advanced in years but we have long memories.


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