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Porn Pirates Capture the Good Ship North County News Forum, Now R-Rated

November 21, 2007

The North County News Forum, set up by that newspaper for disgruntled Crotonites, barely had gotten started when it was taken over by porn pirates from overseas. Last week pornographic postings appeared on the just-opened NCN Forum. After the first one showed up, Croton’s own Robert Wintermeier quickly added a comment to the effect that the salacious posting was not something the people of Croton wanted to look at.

A second posting appeared, prompting Mr. Wintermeier to post a comment implying that Crotonblog was behind all this. Had he examined the postings he would have seen that they had originated in Europe.

It being Saturday morning, we had difficulty reaching Crotonblog’s lawyer. No sooner had we hung up after locating him than the offending postings, which originated in Switzerland and Germany, disappeared—and with them Mr. Wintermeier’s gratuitous comment, saving us the trouble of demanding that it be removed.

We should like to inform Mr. Wintermeier that in his malicious remark about Crotonblog he was skating very close to the thin ice of commercial libel and product disparagement. Should he be inclined to shoot off his mouth in this vein again, Crotonblog will slap him with a lawsuit so fast it will make his head spin.

In the meantime, another posting has made its appearance on the NCN Forum. This one originates in Vietnam and shows a young woman in a state of undress not very different from what might be seen any day on Miami Beach and much less than can be seen on French Mediterranean beaches. For all Crotonblog knows, she may be Miss Saigon or a waitress at the Wan King restaurant in Saigon—oops, we mean Ho Chi Minh City.

As a matter of fact, she is a rather fetching example off healthy female pulchritude, especially if your tastes run to young nubile oriental women. Crotonblog has captured a screen shot of the young lady.

Go for it, North County News! With material like this the number of your male viewers will surely rise.


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