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December 31, 2007

As 2007 staggers to a close, Crotonblog would like to thank our letter-writers, commenters and readers for their support and contributions to our Web site.

As we look back on the past year—and our continued growth—Crotonblog would like to share this interesting statistic: the top-twenty stories most-read by our readership.

  1. Man Drowns at Mayo’s Landing in Croton-on-Hudson
  2. Croton’s Commercial Real Estate ‘Album of Shame’
  3. Updating Crotonblog’s ‘Album of Shame’: Another Croton Business Bites the Dust
  4. Freedom of Speech Knows No Geographic Boundaries: Strange Behavior at the Black Cow
  5. I, Too, Have a Dream
  6. A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Reasons for Croton’s Business Recession
  7. Occidents Will Happen: Mayor Greg Schmidt Cuts Ribbon at New Nail Salon
  8. ‘By Their Works Shall Ye Know the Schmidt Administration’
  9. Trash Talk: Alliance Party Candidates Still Peddling Their Big Lie
  10. Why Is Croton So Selectively Enforcing Its Laws, Mr. Mayor?
  11. Nordica Drive Residents Cite Swimming as ‘Illegal’ at Mayo’s Landing
  12. The Uses of Anonymity: Everybody’s Doin’ It
  13. Train Station Traffic Lights Could Solve Congestion Woes on Croton Point Avenue
  14. Is Croton-on-Hudson the Most Dog-Unfriendly Village in Westchester?
  15. Yet Another Nail Salon to Open in Croton-on-Hudson
  16. Croton GOP Candidates Lose Republican Party Line
  17. Croton’s Bleak House Six Long Months Later
  18. The Croton Follies: A Report on the Village Board Meeting of July 16, 2007
  19. Marie Yurchuk Takes a Swipe at Crotonblog. We Respond
  20. A History of Parking Rates, Commuters, and Croton

To put the popularity of these stories in perspective, in 2007, Crotonblog served 91,000 visitors who viewed 184,000 pages. Additionally, during each of those visits, Crotonblog readers spent 2:45 minutes on the site and looked at 2.2 pages.

On December 31, 2007 4:23 PM, weewill said:

And thanks to you Crotonblog for providing this valuable forum for discussion and interaction. Some have commented that many of the posters push the limits of acceptable dialogue and pit neighbor against neighbor. To that I say - open and honest dialogue often results in passionate responses and debate between people who disagree. The real facts and truths surrounding issues are often difficult and unpleasant to hear. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share, expose, discuss, and disagree with activities that may be take place “under the radar.” They affect the quality of life in our small village.

I say continue your good work, Crotonblog. Please accept my small check to help you do just that. It’s my hope that more and more people will read and comment on this blog. By doing so we provide checks and balance to our governing officials. Citizen input is invaluable if our elected officials are truly to serve all in the community. I urge them to read and digest the comments made and to take action and or make changes where necessary. This is participatory government at its best..

A final comment - a reminder that our community and residents are not shy about expressing their opinions. No one should feel offended or insulted when a neighbor disagrees. They are provided here with the opportunity to respond and react. This is “our” community and most of us love living here!


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