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No Contest

January 1, 2008


There’ll be no surprises for voters this year when Croton Democrats nominate Ann Gallelli and Charlie Kane. As former CIA Director George Tenet might say, “It’s a slam dunk.”

But for Croton’s Republicans, or the mysterious Alliance party as they were forced to call themselves last year after losing the GOP line on the ballot, Crotonblog wonders who the Republicans will persuade to be the sacrificial lambs this year.

Will it be Charles Trendell, the former one-term trustee who gained notoriety earlier this year by accusing Trustees Gallelli, Kane and Wiegman of taking bribes from the solid waste industry? Mr. Trendell also successfully cashed in a political chit last year by getting Mayor Schmidt and his cohorts to block an already approved subdivision for a 10-acre parcel bordering his property on Batten Road.

The other possibility is none other than Joann Minett, who has been soliciting friends for advice on whether she should take the plunge and run for Trustee. Ms. Minett is best remembered for her theatrical performances and her frequent complaints—Rodney Dangerfield style—that she “got no respect from Mr. Herbek,” the village manager. But is that a reason for wanting to be his boss?

If Mr. Trendell and Ms. Minett decide to be the sacrificial victims this year, Crotonblog is forced to ask, “Are these the best candidates the Republicans can dredge up?” Just askin’…


On January 1, 2008 7:43 PM, weewill said:

“God help us! Joann Minett as a trustee? She is one of the least informed and most self-serving residents ever to come before the board. Her transparent and inflammatory screeching at the podium are destructive, mean-spirited partisan attacks on anyone who disagrees with her. While Croton Republicans may be hard put to find viable candidates, Joann Minett would be a desperation candidate.

Chuck Trendell has had virtually no presence or interest in Croton’s government in a long, long time. I remember him as a one-term Trustee who slept through most of the meetings and contributed little. True, Croton Republicans had no choice but to replace boy wonder, Rob DeFrancesco as their Chair until the federal investigation into shady campaign practices was complete. But Trendell’s appointment as Chair bodes badly for any chance of an issue-based campaign in March.

Because of the history and reputations of the possible participants on the republican side of this next election, it pains me to feel compelled to issue the following statement and fair warning. No unfounded charges will go unanswered; no false statements will be allowed to stand; no shabby deals or procedures will remain unexposed. It’s my sincere hope that the Mayor will disallow any partisan posturing at village board meetings and will insist that only true village business be discussed.

We need to focus on ways to improve our village life - not to tear it down and pit neighbor against.


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