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Croton Police Blotter - Week of January 7th

January 22, 2008

croton on hudson police blotter

January 9

2:20 PM: There was a report from a resident that someone had stolen a garbage can located in front of his house. The matter is under investigation.

3:41 PM: There was a report from a woman who resides in the Van Wyck apartments on Grand Street that sometime during the day someone entered her apartment and subsequently stole jewelry, digital cameras, cash and other personal items. Upon investigation, Croton detectives found no evidence of a forced entry indicating that the suspect-at-large may have used a key to open the front door. The matter is under investigation.

January 10

There were three separate reports of graffiti having been applied to a wall at the Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, a garage door at the Van Wyck apartments on Grand Street and on a garage door at Holy Name of Mary church on Albany Post Road. The matters are under investigation.

January 11

8:26 AM: There was a report from a resident of Maple Street that sometime overnight, two tires on his truck were slashed while it was parked outside his home. The matter is under investigation.

7:44 PM: There was a report from a resident of Grand Street that sometime overnight someone damaged his car, that was parked in front of his home, while attempting to steal its side-view mirror. The matter is under investigation.

June 12

4:32 AM: Police and Croton firefighters responded to a call about smoke in the home of a residence on Benedict Boulevard. Upon investigation, responders determined that a malfunctioning boiler was the cause of the smoke, so they subsequently shut it down.

1:29 PM: There was a report from the same 17-year-old male resident of Croton, who had earlier been bitten by a dog while he was jogging in the vicinity of South Riverside Avenue and Bungalow Road, that he had found the owner of said dog. Police responded to the scene and were able to confirm that the dog had all of its required shots.

On January 23, 2008 10:23 PM, Stu said:

Wow! Trustee Brennan is in charge of your building? Aren’t he and the Mayor “taking care” of everything else in the Village? Maybe your apartment bulding problems provide a lesson to us all.

On January 23, 2008 12:32 PM, TeaDrinker said:

It’s all my neighbors can talk about—and we’re worried about our safety. So, it’s not surprising that an apartment was robbed in our building when the locks to the doors in the front and rear of the building are often broken. And regularly, strangers to the building can simply walk right in.

Worse, there is no surveillance equipment to monitor the doorways. So, even after someone gets in and commits a crime, police have nothing to assist them in an investigation—as is the case with this burglary.

Most troublesome is the fact the there was no forced entry to this woman’s apartment. I wonder how many copies of my door key are out there? Who has access to the keys, the master key besides building superintendent Tom Brennan?

Also, the janitorial service provided by Trustee Brennan is a joke. He doesn’t live in the building, he is hard to find, seldom around, doesn’t keep his promises to do work. And when the work is eventually done, it is often completed by someone else, such as his relatives.

Now, the building’s owners are being sued by a tenant who recently fell and broke her wrist on ice that formed after snow was not properly removed.

Next, I bet the rents are on the way up.


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