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Croton Dems Nominate Ann Gallelli, Richard Olver for Trustees in March Election

January 30, 2008

On Tuesday evening, January 29, 2008, over two dozen village Democrats convened at the Croton Free Library’s Ottinger Room in the local Democratic Committee’s Nomination Caucus to select candidates for the upcoming Village elections. The two Trustee seats held currently by Ann Gallelli and Charles Kane will be on the ballot on March 18, 2008.

Trustee Ann Gallelli received the nomination to seek a re-election. Attorney and former UN official Richard Olver received the nomination for the Trustee slot now held by Mr. Kane.

The surprise of the evening was Mr. Kane’s decision to retire from the Village Board and not seek a third term. A popular incumbent and life long resident, Mr. Kane remarked, “I enjoyed working on the Village Board with Leo and with Ann.” Mr. Kane thanked the Croton Democrats for the opportunity to represent the Village on their slate.” Mr. Kane received a standing ovation following his brief remarks which were eloquent in their support of Ms. Gallelli and Richard Olver.

Demetra Tseckares-Restuccia of Truesdale Drive placed Ann Gallelli’s name in nomination for Trustee, “Winning in this election is important because the Village is stuck in a holding pattern. Ann has great vision and tremendous experience.”

Holly Anzani of Park Trail seconded the nomination of Ms. Gallelli, noting her long-time friendship with Gallelli who has “worked tirelessly to make the Village better.”

Gallelli noted, “It’s all about taxes. This Village needs to seriously examine where we can increase our revenues beyond hiking residential taxes and fees.”

Barbara Hart of Giglio Court placed Richard Olver’s name in nomination for Trustee, “Croton needs creative thinking and open minds if we are to unite around affordable solutions to our problems. Richard Olver has the intelligence, the problem solving abilities and the experience needed to productively help Croton move forward.”

John Khoury of Melrose Ave. seconded Olver’s nomination with the following comments, “Our beautiful village has an impressive record of sharing ideas and progressing together. We all hope for a future in Croton that alienates no one and listens to everyone. Our chance right now to ethically and fiscally go forward as a village is achievable with the right people in office here. Richard Olver and Ann Gallelli are offering us the prospect of building bridges of respect with economic common sense to help keep Croton the remarkable place that it is.”

Nominee Olver said, “We need to work across our differences to make this wonderful Village better without increasing taxes. That means respect and listening, instead of endless name calling and point scoring.”

The year’s Village Elections is framed by the state-wide New York Presidential Primary on February 5, 2008 six weeks before, and the Croton Harmon School District’s recently announced School Bond vote scheduled for March 11, 2008, just one week before the Village’s Trustee elections on March 18, 2008.

Further information will be posted in coming days at the Croton Dems’ website.

Candidate Biographies

Ann H. Gallelli
20 Briggs Lane
Croton on Hudson NY 10520
tel: 914-271-5301 | email:

Ann Gallelli, 65, is a 34 year resident of Croton, registered Democrat and current Village Trustee. Ann has long been involved in our local government including a total of 12 years as Planning Board Chair, 2 prior terms as Village Trustee, and 8 years as Chair of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Committee. Ann is currently President of Board of Directors of the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation. In 2004, Ann received the New York State Planning Federation’s highest award (the Heissenbuttal Award for Excellence in Planning). Ann also serves on the Board of the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation and on the Advisory Board of the Croton Community Nursery School, where she was previously President for 2 terms, among numerous other PTA, and school related committees. A former employee of IBM, Ann ran her own technical writing business for many years. She is graduate of Stanford University, an avid tennis player and, more recently, a golf fan. Ann enjoys sharing these pursuits with her husband John and two adult children, Carla and John.

Richard Olver
5 Fox Road
Croton on Hudson NY 10520
tel: 914-271-5232 | email:

Richard Olver, 60, is an attorney and retired United Nations official, with over thirty years of experience in the US and dozens of other countries promoting change to improve peoples’ lives. Richard has worked across political and ethnic differences to promote common visions of a better future through democracy and good governance, public sector effectiveness and reform and sustainable economic growth with environmental protection. He is currently a consultant in strategic planning, organizational development and change management, working with Catholic Relief Services, the International Labor Organization, the UN Development Program, and the UN Relief and Works Agency.

A graduate of Haverford College and the Harvard Law School, Richard has served on the board of an international rainforest preserve, and as a board chairman for schools in Asia and Africa . He and his wife, Karen Jardim, have a child in CHHS and one in CET. He is active in the Education for Ministry program at St. Augustine’s Church in Croton.

On February 3, 2008 11:03 AM, KWilly said:

The Cudabunch is right about the fact that Rick Olver has not been involved in Village government, But it is my belief that his life experience more than compensates for his lack of Village experience. It’s time to have an outsider in Village government who has a different view of Croton.

We are grateful to have a candidate who is not only qualified enough to a be a trustee, but qualified enough to be a Congressman. Rick Olver has helped create schools in Africa, worked with Ex-President’s and has a Harvard Law School Education. While the only qualification of Joanne Minnett is the fact that she has impacted Croton by the negative energy she has added to this Village.

A vote for any Republican this March is a vote for more of the same. None of the candidates have publicly disagreed with the Schmidt Administration despite the fact that they have been involved in Village Government. Given a choice between a negative loudmouth and a quiet, thoughtful man who accomplishes tons of good, I’ll take an Olver any day.

Kevin W. Davis

On February 1, 2008 11:17 AM, Mrs. Smith said:

Look out Croton Dems! Maria Cudequest, also known as Bill Rooney, is having another conversation with herself on the NCN blog, trying to make political hay out of the fact the Richard Olver has apparently never attended a board meeting, or written to the Gazzette, or been involved in village affairs. Perhaps she doesn’t realize how effectively she has shut out everyone with an opinion contrary to her own - most people no longer have the energy or will to fight her nasty partisan ravings. Mr. Olver may well be like a great majority of people in Croton who watch with dismay the sorry state that this village has fallen into and he has decided that he will put his money where his heart is and try to bring back some sanity to village affairs. Croton used to be a leader on energy, the environment and open space acquisition - but what has happened on any of that since Elliott stepped down as Mayor - nothing new, that’s for sure. This is going to be a very nasty political season. The Democrats really ought to get the fighting gear on and respond to any and all rhetoric of Cudequest and her small band of followers.

On January 31, 2008 10:38 AM, weewill said:

It will come as no suprise to anyone to learn that I am 100%, whole-heartedly and enthusiastically supporting Ann Gallelli and Richard Olver for election.

Ann is a known quantity. No need to repeat her extraordinary qualifications. Her service to Croton over the past 30+ years speak for itself.

i just recently met Richard Olver and am extremely impressed. Not only with his extensive knowledge of so many varied and important areas of interest and benefit to Croton, but for his “gentleness” as well. It’s clear, listening to him, that he is adamant about the need to listen to one another, share ideas, and work together for common goals. He abhors divisiveness and incivility and is trained to reach peaceful resolutions to problems. He will look for that little nugget of agreement present in any argument and will use it as the tool to reach consensus.

And finally, during the next few months we’ll be inundated with all kinds of campaign rhetoric. It’s easy to slough off and say “no more”, “I’m tired of hearing about it.” But remember, we have the privilege and responsibility to determine the direction of our schools, our village, and our country. Every vote counts and we wind up with exactly what we deserve. So listen, think carefully, ask questions and make the right informed decisions!


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