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Lots of Litter All Around Town

February 1, 2008

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To the editor,

I’ve lived in Croton for over a year and work from home most of the time. Our car is mostly used by my wife, who works in another location. Sometimes when I need to go to the post office or CVS, I prefer to walk, since I live close by on Van Wyck Street, right by the city hall. On the walking path I usually take; Hamilton Avenue, Grand Street, South Riverside Avenue and Municipal Place, I can see A LOT of garbage and litter all around. In the back of the CHASE bank you can even see a car back seat that was thrown there a long time ago.

I think that it is a shame and I wonder why the village doesn’t have a day or two to go over the streets and pick up the litter (sometimes beer bottles) that harm the environment, river, etc. I assume most of this litter is caused by the recycle collectors which are always in a rush and frequently leave garbage behind or on the street.

— Eduardo Ferrari

On February 4, 2008 3:50 PM, dors said:

The Croton Blotter reports one or two incidents a week of people getting arrested for small infractions. Perhaps Judge Watkins could sentence these law breakers to a weekend of litter patrol along our village streets and parks. Seems like a win/win for both the arrestees and residents.


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