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Thoughts While Strolling (3)

February 11, 2008


A Day to Remember. Our calendar has a big red circle around Tuesday, February 19. You may want to do the same with yours. The third Tuesday of February each year is officially Grievance Day, the day when taxpayers can file a grievance about taxes (other than those levied by a school district). New York State’s Office of Real Property Services has established procedures for filing a formal application.

If you think your home has been assessed at higher than its present market value or that your taxes are too high, call 914-271-4783 and ask the Assessor’s office for a copy of Form RP-524. You may complain about unequal, excessive or unlawful assessment or misclassification of your property. Form RP-524 may be completed by you or by an attorney designated by you. You can make your grievance known to the village board on Tuesday, February 19, between 4:00 and 8:00 p,m, at the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building on Van Wyck Street.

The Odd Couples. In our strolling around Croton, we pass the homes of what we like to refer to as “the odd couples.” We can’t help wondering what the conversations must be like—the ones that occur during political debates on TV, in across the breakfast table chats, or even pillow talk.

Take, for example, 45 Truesdale Drive, where Trustee Thomas Patrick Brennan is a registered Republican and his wife, Doreen M. Brennan, is a registered Democrat. Or, how about 56 Irving Avenue, where frequent Gazette letter writer James R. Moore is a registered Republican and his wife, Laura Ann Moore, is a registered Democrat? Or 43 Radnor Avenue, where Otto R. Wintermeier (yes, that’s his name as it appears on Board of Elections lists) is a registered Republican and his wife, Diane F. Wintermeier, is a registered Democrat?

Seems like there are a lot of homes of Republican stalwarts in Croton where the wives have all the brains in the family.


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