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Thoughts While Strolling (4)

February 12, 2008


Pumping Up the Economy. We interrupted our stroll today to partake of a pint of nut-brown ale at our favorite Grand Street watering hole. To take the pulse of average citizens and their feelings about the government’s new plan to stimulate the economy by giving everybody money, we decided to make a small survey of the patrons. We asked Paddy, a bar habitué who gets along on the Social Security stipend he receives each month, what he was going to do with his stimulus money when he receives it.

Our question: How was he going to use the three-hundred dollar check to stimulate the economy? His answer, in a brogue still so thick you could slice it, was, “Three hundred dollars, you say? That’s easy. Oi’m gonna build me a boat and sail it back to the old country.” Paddy’s delightful remark was an insightful commentary on the eagerness with which Congress will hand out money in an election year in a futile attempt to solve a deeper problem. It left us lost in thought. We never got around to questioning any of the other patrons.

Ghosts of the Past. Our stroll today took us past the shuttered 1A Croton Point Avenue site of Metro Enviro. We couldn’t help recalling a remark made by Tom Brennan in 2005 when he was not yet a trustee. It’s right there in the minutes of Croton’s village board for all the world to see. During citizen participation at the board meeting of January 31, 2005, he reported he had heard that “Karta Construction [sic] is going to open a C&D (waste) transfer station with a rail hub [sic]; Metro Enviro is not needed as much as the County thinks.”

Aside from what this says about the quality of note-taking at board meetings, it’s funny the way things turn out. We always thought the Karta Corporation in Peekskill, a waste disposal company that runs a messy operation in which a worker was killed, was who or what professional good neighbor Maria Cudequest was working for all this time. If anyone or any company stood to profit from Metro Enviro’s demise, it was Karta. And Maria Cudequest was the agent provocateur who could bring this about. We’re sure she was well rewarded for her efforts in pulling this off with her orchestrated scare campaign.


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