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Thoughts While Strolling (5)

February 14, 2008


More About the Downed Wire at 45 Truesdale Drive. Our informant who provided information about the goings on at 45 Truesdale Drive we reported in “Thoughts While Strolling (2)” was wrong in his description of the incident. The wire brought down by Trustee Tom Brennan apparently fell originally on a school bus. It was later determined to be a lower voltage cable TV wire, according to the police report made on March 8, 2007. We regret the error. Our informant’s explanation is that the police were treating it as a “hot wire,” and he was prevented from getting closer by the yellow crime scene tape the police had put up. Here’s the police report we obtained on the incident:

Click on image to view a larger version of the police report.

Nothing but the Truth. We happened to park near Dobbs Field yesterday. That was as close as we could get to the Grand Street shopping area and the site of our abbreviated stroll. The sight of the field looking so forlorn under the snow brought to mind the Congressional hearing and media circus involving Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee conducted in Washington. “Media circus” is the best term to describe it, with committee members splitting along party lines in their support of either of the two testifiers. That is, when their staffs were not busy seeking autographs from the witnesses.

Amid the repeated, insistent declarations by both witnesses of “I’m telling the truth about this,” one statement was not heard. We wish Clemens or McNamee had said, “I’m willing to take a lie detector test.” Such a test administered to both parties could settle the dispute once and for all.

We hate to say it about someone who was once our hero, but Roger Clemens’s claim that he was not the one taking Human Growth Hormone is beneath him. His contention that it was his wife who was taking it makes us want to ask, “Oh? What team was she playing for?” And his assertion that Andy Pettitte, an old-fashioned country boy and straight-arrow type, must have “misremembered” a conversation in which Clemens admitted to Pettitte that he took injections of HGH is laughable, especially since Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch had already supplied detailed depositions about conversations with Clemens that confirmed their mutual drug use.

It’s a sad ending, but the time has come for Major League Baseball to clean house from top to bottom by admitting that it has had a messy scandal on its hands for many years and that it handled it badly.


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