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Rick Olver: My Reasons for Running for Trustee

February 15, 2008

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To the editor,

rick-olver-croton-on-hudson.jpgI am a native of Hastings on Hudson. Six years ago I returned from overseas for a last assignment with the UN in New York so I could prepare to retire in my home area. My wife and I chose Croton, lovely and semi-affordable, as the place to raise our children. But Croton is becoming ever more unbearably costly. Under the current Mayor and Board, property taxes are up 22% while inflation has risen only 7%.

To keep Croton liveable and affordable, we must protect the environment and create new businesses. If we don’t do both, taxes will continue to soar. The current administration has only one half of the equation right: keeping the waste transfer station at 1A Croton Point Avenue closed. It must stay closed. But the Mayor and Republican majority have woefully neglected the other side of the equation: economic development. For instance, they want to take 1A Croton Point Ave off the tax rolls. They are not considering alternatives like attracting a tax-paying, non-polluting business. This is a recipe for ever higher property taxes.

As a UN official, I was barred from participating in local issues, but I have followed them keenly. Retired a few months now, I am thrilled to be able to contribute actively to my community. I am running for Trustee because village taxes and fees are rising too steeply, with no real examination of options for lower cost solutions to problems, and no real effort to redevelop the village to make it a more attractive and viable business environment. I have 40 years of local, national and global public policy experience, protecting the environment while promoting sustainable economic growth. You can find more at

Don’t let the Republican majority’s costly plans go unchallenged.


Rick Olver

On February 22, 2008 12:45 PM, TeaDrinker said:


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On February 20, 2008 10:03 PM, KWilly said:

I have a correction from my last post:

The exact wording of the ad didn’t say that Ms. Minett served for 9 years on Croton Committee’s, it said that she was “active” for 9 years on Croton Committee’s. However it should be noted that the language in that Republican election ad suggests that she has served for 9 years on Croton Committee’s even though she hasn’t. After my comment, a resident stated that I made a mistake in my analysis of the term “active” when I assumed that “active” in that context meant serving on a committee. This resident had the chutzpah when she stated that “active” in village committee’s meant showing up to meetings.

In that Republican election ad, “active” is used again to say that Joe Streany has been “active in Croton Village government for 30 years.” Mr. Streany’s has been active in village government by serving on committee’s such as the Recreation Advisory Committee. I find it odd that the Republican election ad used the same word to describe Mr. Streany’s and Ms. Minett’s involvement in village government.

Kevin W. Davis

On February 19, 2008 7:17 PM, KWilly said:

Here’s a quote from a Republican ad in The Gazette

“We’ve come a long way in three years Let’s Keep Croton Moving Forward!”

The same ad also stated that Joann Minett served for 9 years years in Croton Committees. She hasn’t served on any village committee’s so I am interested in hearing the specifics on this claim.

Kevin W. Davis

On February 18, 2008 8:48 PM, Tom Faranda said:

I’d like to know where Mr. Olver came up with his figures for this: “Under the current Mayor and Board, property taxes are up 22% while inflation has risen only 7%.”

“the current mayor and board” was only constituted a year ago, when Ms. Konig became a trustee. Neither the inflation rate nor property taxes have risen by the amount Mr. Olver states in the last year.

Are you referring to the period of time since Mayor Schmidt has been in office?

Tom Faranda

On February 16, 2008 10:29 AM, Mrs. Smith said:

The Democrats should be aware that in a posting on Croton politics elsewhere, a woman, who sounds remarkably like Maria Cudequest, is deliberately misquoting Mr.Olver’s statement that he was BARRED from seeking public office by his postion in the UN, and suggesting that Mr. Olver is “spinning” when he says he was “BANNED”. There is a big difference. This is so typical of the misinformation spread by a few vocal members of the Cudaquest party - they work under the premise that if you say it often enough it becomes true and that the Democrats never take them up on their misstatements and inaccurate information anyway.

Please make sure that you get the facts and base your vote on the facts - not the misinformation spread around town by a small group of people who seem willing to say anything to get their candidates elected.


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