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Fiscal Conservatives They Are Not

March 7, 2008

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To the editor,

Last week a letter in the Gazette questioned whether I’ve been paying attention to Croton affairs. The writer’s problem was that I challenged the fiscal responsibility of the Republican Village administration’s idea of buying the former Metro Enviro waste transfer site or taking it by eminent domain, building a new DPW garage on that land and freeing up the current DPW site for some additional train station parking.

My days in economic development in the UN taught me how to do a usable cost-benefit analysis even in the absence of firm costs. The Republicans want to spend several million dollars to buy the Metro Enviro site for a DPW garage, and clear the current site to use it for parking generating only about $120,000 per year. This makes no sense.

Wouldn’t we be better off helping to find the best, new non-polluting business use for the 1A Croton Point Avenue property, to generate the maximum tax revenue to help us pay for our new DPW building?

And aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the fiscal conservatives?

— Rick Olver, Democratic candidate for Village Trustee


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