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Streany, Minett Remain Out of Touch with Voters

March 7, 2008

Crotonblog: Letters to the Editor, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
To the editor,

It’s becoming more and more evident that candidates Streaney and Minett are “just not paying attention.”

They so wrapped up in their efforts to win the election on March 18th that they don’t feel they have to respond to village issues—including those raised by their opponents that threaten our quality of life. Their silence is deafening. I’ve not seen one single answer to the many concerns raised both in the press and on blogs. They claim not to read Crotonblog. We know they do and we’d be pretty stupid to believe them when they say they don’t. In addition, there’s not been a single response on their favorite North County chat room. Is this the way they’d govern if elected? Behind our backs and with no communication or comment. We’ve seen nothing,—not so much as a single word to let us know where they stand on important issues. (There have been a few scare/attack mailings, to the Half Moon Bay community where the democrats have really good supporters.) Are we to take obvious political mailings as reason to vote for them? I say no.

I want to know what their plan is to address empty storefronts, Harmon business development, taxes up 3 times the rate of inflation, enormous and extravagant legal bills, closed door meetings, rudeness and incivility at public meetings, finger-pointing and refusal to listen to colleagues, reaction to mass exodus of key village personnel, dog park and especially open and participatory government.

These are legitimate concerns and we need answers from all the candidates.

— Georgianna Grant


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