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Again, Joann Minett Slips into Fantasyland

March 14, 2008

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To the editor,

There were an impressive number of gross inaccuracies uttered by trustee candidate Minett at last evening’s candidate forum (see video webcast), but perhaps none were more puzzling than her claim that 1A Croton Point Avenue is “beachfront” property. For anyone who has never actually visited the site of the former MetroEnviro and who might be tempted by her remarks to visualize a Riverfront property, a clarification is in order.

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As illustrated above, the 1A Croton Point site lies in a low spot between 9A and both the MetroNorth yards and the Half Moon Bay condominium complex. The River is neither viewable nor accessible from the site, and the only way to make it so would be to remove both the MetroNorth yards and the condominiums and to reconfigure the course of the river farther inland by several hundred yards.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I consider a solid grasp of reality to be one of the core qualities desirable in a trustee candidate. The “beachfront” property, twice-mentioned at the forum, was only the most glaring of candidate Minett’s many slips into fantasyland.

— Ann Harbeson


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