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The Uncivil War Within Croton

March 17, 2008

There is a battle going on in Croton—and it isn’t only between local Democrats and Republicans. We’re talking about the behind-the-scenes wrangling between “Old Croton” and “New Croton” Republicans. Families that have been here for several generations comprise Old Croton. New Croton are those who have moved here more recently—and include people like Greg Schmidt, Thomas Brennan, Sue Konig (only 9 years) and Joann Minett (only 10 years).

We have it on good authority that Old Croton Republicans are unhappy with the New Croton Republicans who currently hold elected office because of their repeated failures over the past three years to actually do what they said they would do and really “move Croton forward.” Simply put, they want meaningful results and have been left unsatisfied. They are also worried about the reality that Croton is quickly becoming an unaffordable place for them to live—and that they will be forced to move away.

There are several subtle evidences of the rift. Just drive around Croton and you will notice that Streany/Minett signs are not being displayed on the lawns of many Old Croton homes. The way we understand it, Old Croton Republicans are frustrated by Mayor Schmidt’s “do nothing approach” to government, rising property taxes and quality of life issues. They are determined to take back what they deem to be theirs. To do that, Committee co-chairmen Charles Trendell and Otto Robert Wintermeier have put Joe Streany forth as their candidate in hopes that he can shake things up before it is too late.

We don’t know how much this schism will affect the outcome of tomorrow’s election. In another 24 hours, we will know whether their bet on an ethically challenged Old Crotonite like Joe Streany and New Crotonite Joann Minett will pay off.


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