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An Open Letter to Residents of Half Moon Bay

March 17, 2008

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To the editor,

I am very pleased that many of you have taken the trouble to ask me about the truth of what you are receiving in the mail from our opposition regarding whether I am committed to keeping trash out of Croton. As many of you heard me say at our Soup Supper, and have heard me say throughout the campaign, Rick Olver and I have the same position: The Metro Enviro waste transfer station must and will remain closed. I will work to find a lasting solution to this seemingly-endless saga that does not result in Croton’s taxpayers taking a triple hit of enormous legal bills, huge costs of eminent domain, and taking the property permanently off the tax rolls.

Further, as I also mentioned at the Soup Supper, my efforts on the Comprehensive Plan committee resulted in waste transfer facilities being prohibited in Croton. Finally, the cartoon in last Thursday’s Gazette with me depicted as “The Last Indian Standing” seems to imply I am personally responsible for bringing the waste industry to Croton over a decade ago. This nasty story is utterly WRONG and UNTRUE. Here is why, to sum up:

  1. The waste industry already was in Croton for decades before the 1990s.
  2. I was NOT on the planning board when it approved construction of the rail spur at 1A Croton Point Avenue (1995).
  3. I was NEVER on the Zoning Board which approved the variance for Metro-Enviro’s building enclosure to extend over the already existing rail spur at 1A Croton Point (1998). 4. I chaired the Comprehensive Plan Committee that wrote the new law that forbids waste transfer stations in the village (2003).
  4. Both my running mate, Rick Olver, and I are firmly opposed to the re-opening of the waste transfer station. But we think finding a clean, allowable use is better for the village than the mayor’s fixation over buying the site (2008).

— Ann Gallelli, Trustee, Village of Croton-on-Hudson


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