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Notes on the Recent Croton Election

March 19, 2008

We were tempted to begin this editorial with the trite phrase, “The people have spoken.” But the people have done more than speak in yesterday’s election. By an almost two-to-one margin, the people of Croton let out a roar of disapproval and unhappiness with the Republican Party for trying to fob off a pair of ersatz candidates for the post of Trustee.

We accept that Mr. Streany spent many hours training for and being on call as a volunteer firefighter. We accept that for many years Mrs. Minett has been unhappy with one situation after another in the Village and has publicly expressed her discontent. But in each case, voters recognized that such credentials alone were not enough to qualify these candidates to formulate the policies of the Village and to dispense its funds. In addition, however, it was one candidate’s unsavory baggage and the other candidate’s perpetually narrow contrariness and lack of experience in dealing with anything more complicated than a household budget that doomed them both to such a decisive defeat.

That old warhorse Winston Churchill had an expression that fits this election. He said, “The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult.” This brings to mind another Churchill quotation: “In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity; in peace, goodwill.” The Democrats may think that the battle is over and the time has come to be magnanimous. This is sheer nonsense. The battle for the next election in 2009 has just begun. The 2008 election was the first skirmish in that battle. Only the same spirited willingness of the Democrats to carry the attack to the opposition can hope to eject the do-nothing Schmidt administration from office.

No matter how uncomfortable we make Trustee Brennan and others with political ambitions, Crotonblog will continue to be an aggressive force for truth. And since when is the truth “mudslinging?” Our research in public records has revealed information that, while embarrassing for those under our spotlight, has never been refuted. We shall continue our investigative research in future campaigns and let the devil take the hindmost.

We are not going away. If future candidates have anything questionable in their past, our advice to them is to reconsider their decisions to run for office. Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Crotonblog would modify that to, “If you can’t stand the spotlight, get off the stage.”

On March 20, 2008 11:38 AM, Benedict said:

“We accept that Mr. Streany spent many hours training for and being on call as a volunteer firefighter.”

That’s an odd statement. Is there a reason not to accept this? I know you don’t like republicans but I think being a volunteer is laudable and not just grudgingly acceptable.

Nevertheless I look forward to good things from our freshly elected trustees! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to the losing side for running. I appreciate anyone who puts themselves out there for the benefit of our town.

On March 20, 2008 8:34 AM, waffels said:

Blogs are an open forum to to let ones s*@t fly…good bad or indifferent. If you don’t like it don’t read it there are thousands maybe millions of other blogs that may lean your way a little better.

On March 19, 2008 8:21 PM, weewill said:

It matters little to me whether or not a citizen signs his or her name to a comment on a blog. The important thing is to post the truth. Present a fair and accurate point of view to foster open debate of issues, consideration of all points of view and the very real opportunity to share ideas and opinions.

There was a steady flow of posts by a very few people on the North County News Chat room in the weeks before yesterday’s election making some pretty outrageous statements and charges. Thankfully, this same small group are silent today..

Perhaps the result of their posts and the aggressive and transparent manipulation of numbers and facts to try and lend a semblance of authority to their charges came back to bite them. I hope they will reconsider their pledge to continue talking among themselves. This prevents others with different opinions and ideas a chance of weighing in with a response.

The citizens of Croton spoke loud and clear when they elected Ann Gallelli and Rick Olver. The NCN posters failed in their attempts to discredit these two hard working, open and honest candidates. They questioned their credentials, and manipulated facts and figures while stretching the truth to make their many erroneous points.

And it’s my considered opinion that the truth did indeed come back to bite those NCN chat room posters.


On March 19, 2008 6:19 PM, jaclif said:

Why didn’t you borrow a quote from Sen. Joe McCarthy since your style is more akin to his approach? Your invocation of Churchill and Truman to support your “KGB” style was enough to, literally, turn my stomach. How pathetic you are to make a mockery of volunteerism and community service. To write anything more would be a waste of time as it will undoubtedly serve only to give you a platform to continue your rantings.


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