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The Facts Behind the Thornton Case

April 14, 2008

Because so much misinformation is being bandied about what we now call the Thornton Case, Crotonblog should like to set the record straight by recounting the facts as they occurred:

  1. The Thorntons were among the original group who founded Crotonblog, which began publishing on January 14, 2005.

  2. Little more than a year later in March of 2006 the Thorntons decided to resign from the group. Their reason was they objected to an anonymous comment that accused a Croton trustee of helping himself to a can or cans of the soft drink Dr. Pepper from the vending machine in the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building. The Thorntons and Mr. Steinberg worship at the same church. Mr. Steinberg had been appointed a trustee by Mayor Schmidt upon the latter’s election as mayor. Mr. Steinberg was decisively defeated in his bid for election as trustee in the following election.

  3. Crotonblog accepted the Thornton’s resignation with regret.

  4. On April 5, 2008, Crotonblog received an e-mail from Mrs. Thornton to the effect that an e-mail from a friend in which the writer had the impression that they were still associated with Crotonblog. She suggested that Crotonblog “announce” their earlier resignation and describe Crotonblog as “The New Crotonblog.”

  5. Crotonblog does not publish a traditional masthead listing staff and ownership as newspapers do, and, like newspapers, neither do we report the resignation of individual staff members. Announcing the resignation of the Thorntons more than two years earlier hardly seems like a news item of interest to Crotonblog’s readers.

  6. Accordingly, in our response to Mrs. Thornton on April 6, we pointed out that since receipt of such messages by the Thorntons was surely infrequent, it would seem to be more practicable if the Thorntons merely announced in their response that they no longer had any connection to Crotonblog. We declined, as a matter of policy, to publish the requested news item.

  7. Mr. Thornton responded with a comment left on Crotonblog, and in reply we reiterated our feelings about making a news item of their resignation.

The above states the facts as they pertain to the resignations of the Thorntons from Crotonblog, more than two years ago. The Thorntons were never “banned” from Crotonblog, as one of the lies being circulated on a local chatroom has it. And it is a matter of record that the Thorntons initiated all actions relating to the termination of their association with Crotonblog. The Thorntons have had no association with Crotonblog since March of 2006.


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