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Volunteers Sought to Help with Plantings at Mayo's Landing

April 16, 2008

So, if you’ve been thinking, “Hey, I’d really like to help out on a reforestation project,” you’re in luck. As it happens, through a state grant, Chris Kehoe, Chairman of Croton’s Planning Board applied for a state grant—and received 139 small trees (approximately six inches in height) in addition to 439 shrubs—to be planted on Saturday, May 10, 2008, between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM at Mayo’s Landing on Nordica Drive (map).

Some residents may recall that much erosion has occurred of late on the steep slope that leads Croton residents and anyone with a New York State Department of Environmental Protection (NYSDEC) fishing permit to the banks of the Croton River. The village-owned property remains a very popular destination for bathers and kayakers alike during the summer. As a result of foot traffic and runoff after rainstorms from nearby streets over the years, much of the hillside’s young vegetation has washed away—and in some places, erosion gulleys have been created.

But fear not prospective reforesters, the NYSDEC will have already dug all of the holes by the 10th—so all that remains is for volunteers to place them in the holes, cover them with soil and provide them some water. Those interested are encouraged to please call Janine King, the assistant to the village manager at 914-271-4848.


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