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Croton Earth Day 2008 by Ken Sargeant

June 4, 2008

Meet Ken Sargeant. He’s a film guy and he just posted this great video about the Earth Day festivities in Croton-on-Hudson, held in earlier this year in April.

In the video, you’ll learn how the name for Senasqua Park was chosen—according to centarian Ed Rondthaler and hear Conservation Advisory Council Chairman Joe Beber reflect on the evolution of Earth Day initiatives around Croton—all to the guitar-playing and singing of Fred Gillen. Oh yeah, and Leo Wiegman talks about the 43’ Striped Bass that former Trustee Charlie Kane recently caught.

This video runs 9:50—while you can see more of Ken’s films at his YouTube channel.

On June 6, 2008 1:24 PM, Leo Wiegman said:

Thank you Ken “Rivrlivr” Sargeant for another great short film! Folks should definitely check out Ken’s other videos on Riverton neighborhood, jazz and more at Ken’s Youtube page. I do have a slight correction for the article above. When Ken caught me with his camera, I may have mispoken! If the bass that Sandy (and Charlie) Kane caught had been 43 feet (‘) long, it would have been enough to re-enact the biblical loaves and fish scene! The very large striper Sandy landed was 43 inches (“) and 33 pounds, according to Charlie and the scales at Croton Bait and Tackle! Long for sure, but not two school buses long! It was about 4 times longer than the sucker fish that Charlie is holding in the screen grab above.
For good measure, in international units, Sandy’s striper was 1.09 meters long and a hair under 15 kilograms heavy.

-Leo Wiegman


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