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On Their Hypocritical Abuses of Power

June 19, 2008

Crotonblog: Letters to the Editor, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
To the editor:

It is inappropriate to insult and accuse neighbors with sarcastic remarks and innuendo from a podium or dais. What about nasty and accusatory letters to the Editor of our local newspaper? What about no-so-funny ‘political’ cartoons? What about ugly and acrid posts on a competing blog? Rumors and accusations and faulty assessments of another’s motives and integrity are hurtful and divisive no matter where they are posted.

It’s unfortunate that a few residents choose to engage in this kind of dialogue. It’s particularly hypocritical when those same residents have been spewing personal attacks, mean-spirited cartoons and ugly letters for years. For elected officials to join in such dialogue at a public meeting is to use the dais as a bully pulpit. That, my friends, is an abuse of power.

I was dismayed watching the Mayor and Trustees Brennan and Konig use the time allocated for citizen’s comments to lecture and lobby their own personal opinions. Officials should be held to a higher standard of conduct than even regular citizens. Our board clearly blew it at the last few village board meetings and in doing so demean themselves and a few of our neighbors. They took unfair advantage of a captive audience and their angry and reactive public tirades and displays of bad temper toward Crotonblog and those individuals were not only in poor taste but far more damaging and divisive than any comment ever posted on either blog.

— Georgianna Grant

On June 20, 2008 5:08 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

I too was appalled at Richard Pellici’s very personal and vindictive attack on Trustee Galleli and equally disgusted with Mayor Schmidt for allowing it to continue, and with Trustee Brennan who had the gall to offer Pellici thanks for his comments. These are the same people who, for several board meetings now, have ranted and raved and turned purple about personal attacks on Croton Blog “destroying” the village of Croton but, who are not at all averse to making very personal and viscious attacks on people with whom they disagree. Pellici’s comment to Trustee Galleli about being the most divisive person in the village was so far off the mark as to be comical - that title should be held by him, or his friend Cudaquest, who along with Deb McCarthy was the instigator of the atrocious behavior that has become the norm for citizen participation.
AND these are the same people who participate in another blog, run by Cudaquest which declares itself to be civilized, but which does just as much name-calling and character assasination and it is done anonomously at that. It was interesting to me to see the tenor of the letters in the Gazette today, Cudaquest and Pellici’s angry and sarcastic whilst Olver’s and Harbeson’s pointed out that we must all pull together in order for the Croton we love to remain the place we want to live.


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