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Croton's Adam Auslander Wins Clearwater's Short Film Competition

June 24, 2008

On their website, The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater has announced the winner of this year’s Clearwater Environmental Short Film Competition (CESFC) to be Adam Auslander of Croton-on-Hudson, for his entry titled “The Thin Blue Sign.”

Also set in Croton-on-Hudson, the film is a dark comedy about the evacuation bus plan for Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (located only 6 miles away in Buchanan) where one family waits at a designated stop—denoted by a blue emergency evacuation sign—while everyone else around them panics.

To see more videos submitted by others to the CESFC—that made it as a top-ten finalist—please visit Clearwater’s film competition page.

On June 30, 2008 9:04 PM, dors said:

Adam, you are funny, poignant, reflective, and intelligent! Thank you for the vignette of Entergy’s horrific ‘evacuation’ plan. Nothing more need be said. Susan

On June 26, 2008 2:44 PM, MattyM said:

Our county government does not spend a penny of their budget on emergency response for Indian Point. It is all paid for by the utility. The money goes from the utility to the state and back down to the county through law 708. The money is given out based on county population. Ofcourse, it is we, the ratepayers, that pay Entergy to pay to the state to pay the counties to put up those signs. Entergy also pays for the emergency response brochures. Thy provide all hazards emergency information and is actually quite useful.

We would save alot of wasted money if we adapted the same nuclear emergency response standdards that are used in europe, with a much smaller, scientifically based emergency preparedness zone

On June 25, 2008 3:04 PM, weewill said:

Congratulations on a very fine piece of work. Many of us have long believed the Thin Blue Signs are not only ugly and ridiculous but totally useless.

One more way the county government wastes taxpayers money with their grandstanding and self-serving efforts hoping to justify their existence. How much money do you suppose was spent on the glossy colored, meaningless emergency evacuation escape plan that’s updated and mailed to every county resident (usually just before county election season) and these awful blue signs. They rank right up there with the many “public service” telephone announcements and mailings we receive from County Executive, Andy Spano.

Good work Adam. The more exposure of the excesses of this fat, overblown, pompous, self-serving bunch of bureaucrats, the better it will be for our pocketbooks.



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