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NOVA scienceNOW Begins New Season with Segment by Croton's Rob Morsberger

June 27, 2008

Many in Croton know Rob Morsberger from his musical performances at the Croton Free Library—while others regularly see him ‘unplugged’ at Silver Lake park.

And on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, many more PBS viewers got to see him in a segment produced for NOVA scienceNOW that kicked-off the new season. In the video, titled “Wisdom of the Crowds,” host Neil deGrasse Tyson ponders the merits of democracy by asking if millions of people together can make a wise decision. In fact, it was Sir Frances Galton, who in the early 20th century, tried to statistically test whether mobs of commons folks were capable of choosing well.

Enter musical correspondent Rob Morsberger, who demonstrates that mathematically, at least, there is wisdom in a crowd.

Video clip: NOVA scienceNOW | Wisdom of the Crowds | PBS


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