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A Modest Proposal

July 1, 2008

If our recent inventory of commercial properties reveals anything, it is that when renters decamp they often do not remove the signage and other accoutrements of their occupancy. Instead these discouraging evidences of past occupancy remain, grim reminders in many cases of a failed business venture.

Instead of wringing its collective hands, crying crocodile tears and expressing concern over the sad state of Croton’s commercial properties, there is something that the Schmidt administration can do to remedy this situation. Crotonblog proposes that the village quickly pass an ordinance that would require renters to remove all signage and other evidence of their business presence from the exterior of a rental property. If the renter leaves without abiding by the ordinance, the responsibility then will devolve upon the landlord to remove signage and similar materials within 30 (or 60) days of the renter’s departure, or face a stiff penalty.

A simple step like this would remove an unsightly impediment to rental and facilitate early occupancy of Croton’s numerous unsightly empty properties. It’s a wonder that no one has thought of this solution to a continuing problem a long time ago.


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