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Close this Kiddie Playground, Mr. Mayor, Before a Fatal Accident Happens

July 7, 2008

Two months ago the tranquility of the kiddie playground in the Duck Pond Park was shattered when an errant motorist struck a telephone pole at the edge of the park on Bungalow Road. But more than the tranquility of the park was shattered. The telephone pole itself was splintered and left teetering at a crazy angle. A work crew was quickly dispatched and rendered first aid to the wounded telephone pole. Their impromptu therapy was laughable by the standards of even the most amateur of home handymen.

First, they planted a metal pole nearby in the ground with a menacingly sharp edge pointing upwards. Using yellow nylon rope, they then jury-rigged what can only be described as a temporary Bandaid for the pole, which was tilting at an alarming angle. Whoever masterminded this laughable lashup had obviously never earned a merit badge for knot tying in the Boy Scouts. Finally, proud of their creativity, the work crew went away, leaving their amateur handiwork for all the world to see and admire.

That was two months ago, and this charade has persisted, unnoticed by village government all this time. One can only surmise that no one bothered to call Verizon or Con Ed report a situation hazardous to life and limb. The pole also carries high tension wires, now sagging in alarming fashion.

When vehicle meets telephone pole, this is the inevitable result. Click picture to enlarge.

This telephone pole is now raw material for toothpicks. Click picture to enlarge.

Croton’s own “Gordian Knot” was not tied by any Boy Scout. Click picture to enlarge.

Would you let your child play on this toy car in the shadow of the broken pole? Click picture to enlarge.

As if the perilous pole was not enough, the condition of this kiddie park is disgraceful. Part of the splti-rail fence is down, leaving an opening through which a child could wander out onto Bungalow Road. Elsewhere, the fence is broken and has been repaired with yellow “caution” tape. This kiddie playground was once alive with the joyous shouts of children playing under the watchful eyes of parents or nannies. It is seldom used, and for good reason. The playground with its hovering broken telephone pole is an accident waiting to happen.

Mayor Schmidt is fond of blaming others for pulling Croton down by telling the truth about its deficiencies. The mayor obviously doesn’t get around much in the village. His limited itinerary takes him from home to his chiropractic office and the Municipal Building with an occasional detour to Peekskill and Chamber of Commerce luncheons, where he is held in high regard. He apparently does no mayoral patrolling in Croton, or he would have noticed this alarming situation long ago. Yet he claims to be on top of everything that goes on in this village. We’ve got news for him. It’s officially neglectful situations like this that are really pulling Croton down. Who’s minding the store, Mr. Mayor?

On July 8, 2008 10:26 PM, Big A Little A said:

Trees are constantly falling on the diamond over there.

It still gets a lot of traffic, though.


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