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The Wheel that Squeaks the Loudest Gets the Grease

July 11, 2008

Mirabile dictu! Our parochial school Latin teacher would be pleased to see us using that expression. It means, “Amazing to relate.” Yes, amazing to relate, shortly after Crotonblog reported a blocked storm drain at the corner of Benedict Boulevard and South Riverside Avenue, a village crew appeared and removed the two huge boards that had been covering the drain. See the following Before (L) and After (R) photos (Click pictures to enlarge.):

Unfortunately, the powers that be did not read our complaint carefully enough. The assorted other junk that was also blocking the drain is still there, as can be seen in the right-hand photo taken after the boards were removed. We can therefore only give Croton’s Department of Public Works a barely passing grade.

We’re sure the workers were only told, “Get those damned boards out of there.” But there’s still work to be done on this storm drain. So our advice is to break out the brooms and dustpans, and get to work—if the Mayor and Village Manager want an “A” on their report cards for this effort.


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