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July 12, 2008

Two months ago, a vehicle struck the wooden telephone pole near the kiddie playground on Bungalow Road, leaving it in a condition perilous to life and limb. Crotonblog decided to do something about the lack of official action to correct this situation.

Five days ago we published a series of graphic photos of a hazardous situation that had gone uncorrected for too long.

There will be some who repeat the Mayor’s mantra and say that publication of those photos was an example of how “Crotonblog is destroying Croton.” We disagree. The Mayor has no monopoly on concern for this village.

We publish below—without comment or cut line—a photo made yesterday showing a new pole in place and ready to have the wires transferred and the damaged pole removed.

Click image to enlarge.

On July 14, 2008 1:28 PM, TeaDrinker said:

The pictures showing the lack of attention paid to serious problems in Croton are a breath of fresh air. Keep them coming. They only begin to scratch the surface. Pardon my French, but Croton really looks shitty nowadays. The streets are not cleaned anymore, and neither are the storm drains. All kinds of violations of regulations are overlooked, but stay five minutes overtime at the privately owned parking lot at the Post Office and Croton will ticket you so fast it will make your head spin. Con Ed is allowed to carve out big sections of street trees and make the trees of this so-called “Tree City” look ridiculous.

Talk about throwing good money after bad! The parking lot is sinking because it was extended out over a marsh, where it never should have been built—another disaster that’s costing big bucks to fix. With the permanent gas crisis and reduced driving, those parking spaces won’t be needed in the future. All the while these shenanigans are going on, a small bunch of rah-rah activists is trying to convince us that everything is wonderful here in Paradise-on-Hudson under King Gregory the First. What a laugh! The inmates have taken over the asylum.

On July 13, 2008 9:18 AM, weewill said:

Recent incorrect statements published on the other local chat room need to be challenged.

The statement that Ann Gallelli doesn’t live in the “real village.” is incorrect. In fact, she has lived in the north end of the “real village” for over 30 years and has raised two great children there. Ann pays “real village taxes”, and has dedicated more than 25 years of volunteer services in “real village” community organizations. In addition she has been appointed to “real village” committees by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Further, Ann’s home is on the very edge of the Rt. 9 expressway making her acutely aware of truck traffic and its resulting noise. Four lanes of speeding trucks at 55 mph or more as well as morning and evening commuter volumes make the noise as great or greater than any experienced on Rt. 129.

One last correction. The existence of affordable housing, developed by the Croton Housing Network, has been seamlessly incorporated in Ann’s neighborhood and evidentally is unknown to the posters on that blog,


On July 12, 2008 8:31 PM, waffels said:

Bravo, Bravo Ross Wheal(sp?) of Croton-on-Hudson and the Croton Blog…….Grass roots effort at it’s best….I know you won’t, but for whatever……..don’t stop doing what you are doing…….

On July 12, 2008 10:04 AM, weewill said:

A coincidence? Who the heck cares? The situation has been corrected and that’s the important aspect of this report.

Constructive criticism is always a good thing. We accomplish much by working as a team - Crotonblog, residents, elected officials and professional staff.

Constructive criticism that gets results should never be viewed as negative. That’s what makes Croton a community and why we love living here.



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