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Mysterious Happenings at Nappy's Corner

July 14, 2008

After Crotonblog called attention to the disappearance of the huge boards that blocked the storm drain at the corner of Benedict Boulevard and South Riverside Avenue, we pointed out that other debris still blocked that drain. A day later we found that something curious had happened. The debris mysteriously moved off the drain grate and now reposes in the gutter a few inches away.

Click picture to enlarge.

What could have caused this to occur? Here are some possibilities:

  1. An unreported tornado touched down at that corner, picked up the debris and released it only a few inches from the drain.
  2. A community-minded commuter brushed the debris off the storm drain with a folded newspaper.
  3. The ghost of developer Clifford B. Harmon, unhappy with the condition of the development that bears his name, huffed and puffed the debris away from the drain.
  4. An unhappy raccoon, tired of having the entrance to his abode blocked, pushed the debris aside.

We refuse to believe that Croton’s Department of Public Works sent someone to clear off the drain with a broom and neglected to tell the worker to pick up the debris. Readers are invited to speculate about what caused the debris to move off the clogged drain so mysteriously.

On July 16, 2008 11:45 AM, TeaDrinker said:

I haven’t the faintest idea who or what caused the trash to move off the storm sewer grate at Nappy’s. But I just walked by that corner and it’s still there. That means that the Public Works Department (another department headed by a nonresident) isn’t getting out and about. The Mayor, who refuses to read Crotonblog, should at least tell the department heads to read it. They might find out where they are falling down on the job.


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