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Announcing a New Feature

July 16, 2008

As we travel around Croton, we hear many residents griping about the deteriorating quality of life here. So we decided to give readers a place to air their unhappiness. We propose to call it “Complaint Corner.” A local artist has designed a clever logo for this occasional feature.

It will be a place to gripe about the things that irk you in everyday life: Village services, a surly storeowner, an unfair parking ticket, unnecessary noise, people who don’t play by the rules—you name it. Perhaps others have had the same annoying experience. By raising our voices and letting off steam, we may be able to effect needed changes.

We invite readers to share their gripes with other readers. There’s no need to sign your name as a whistleblower. Send your contribution to us by filling out the Contact Us form found here.

On July 18, 2008 2:15 PM, weewill said:

Never one to keep my opinions to myself, I will weigh in on this new feature.

First and foremost, let me say unequivocally that Dave Tuttle is one of the true lovers of Croton. Not only was he born and raised here, but he knows and treasures the rich heritage of the village, the many, many people who have come and gone over the years, and his current friends and neighbors. Dave has chosen to live here just as surely as any of our newcomers to the village have chosen to move here. And Dave made his decision based on his love of this community. He has made major, major contributions to the quality of all our lives by his many volunteer works in too many areas to list. He and I have gone toe-to-toe in disagreement on many issues. We’ve agreed on some and we’ve disagreed on others. But we’ve worked it out so that we’ve managed to respect each other’s opinions and move on. Thanks, Dave, for being in my life and in our village and for your tireless dedication to family, home and community.

This clearly will not be my last post, either positive or negative. Issues in our village are the business of all of us. We have not only the right but the responsibility to contribute our ideas and to participate in the decision making process along with those charged with making the final decisions for the rest of us.

Please hang in there, Dave, my friend. We need more people like you willing to stand and be counted.


On July 18, 2008 11:49 AM, Benedict said:

Good for you Dave. You couldn’t be more correct about the party system. Nothing is a bigger obstacle to getting things done than the pointless and childish bickering between republicans and democrats. Ya ya ya I know CB it’s all because of the Mayor and Bush and Rove and blah blah blah.
As for the complaints corner, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Let people complain. But if someone proffers a solution please don’t bash it based solely on their party membership. Commend them on making an effort and offer an objective opinion. So many posters here just love to criticize for the sake of proving how brilliant they are.

On July 18, 2008 10:18 AM, David Tuttle said:

OK, I am sorry I even started this. Pity those who share there true feelings on the blog, but i did expect this.

This is the reason I have not commented on the blog and this will be my last, a gift you all you blog supporters.

I only know one editor of the blog and yes his family and I are friends, doesn’t mean I support the blog.

Support the Schmidt administration? So little you really know about me but makes good headlines and gets the water boiling.

The fact is I resigned my seat on a local village committee and stopped attending village meetings because of the way I was treated by Mayor Schmidt during a village meeting a couple of years ago.

I respect all members of our community who volunteer their time, including the village board, and their efforts to make this town a better place to live and thank them all for the sacrifices they have made to do this.

Do I disagree with them on occasion on certain issues like Metro Enviro, affordable housing and protection of our natural resources, sure do, but these debates take place face to face not in cyberspace.

“Municipal Critic”? I have never condemned the entire board or village administration because I disagree with a couple of issues that are important to me. I have many longtime friends who work for this village and serve as trustees, go talk to Leo, Georgianna, Ann, Jim Harkins, Tom, Jim, the wonderful folks in the village office, the guys at the village garage, Rec and police departments. We disagree yes, this is to be expected but we are grown up enough to “agree to disagree” and still remain friends.

Waffels, I have no idea who you are but your comments couldn’t be farther from the truth and you have even little more incite as to who I really am. What is my political affiliation? I’ll tell you as I have told many in public before, I am a registered independent and feel there is no place in this village for politics and that the party system should be abolished “Political gain”, you are so far off track on this one. Just talk to the people you accuse me of not defending, specifically Georgianna. Just talk to anyone on the Croton Democratic Committee and ask them their opinions of me. I have never attended a village meeting when Sam Watkins was a trustee.

Waffels I have lived in this village my entire life, everything I do from volunteer work to voicing my opinions and concerns in public forums is because I love this village, this is my home, how dare you.

I will end this now, if you have something more to say to me do it in person, not behind the cloak of an anonymous blog.

I will be enjoying one of the things that brings me “happiness” tonight, an awesome program that the Artie and all the folks from the Rec department work so hard to keep going; The Friday Night Concert Series at Senasqua. Something that brings the community together to celebrate the beautiful town we live in. I will be wearing a red Clearwater hat, shorts and a festive shirt. Let’s chat – face to face.


On July 17, 2008 9:02 PM, waffels said:

Dave….you sat back for years not uttering a peep while Maria Cuda-whatever and company verbally beat the life out of Bob Elliot, Georgianna Grant, Sam Wadkins and any other Democrat that tried to get something done in this village. Not for the better of the village but for political gain and that’s disgusting. It will be interesting to see how vocal you get come the March elections.

On July 17, 2008 1:14 PM, TeaDrinker said:

We don’t know what caused our friend Dave Tuttle to react so vehemently to our proposed new feature. As our sage old grandmother would say, “He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed” yesterday morning.

Being a sudden advocate for happiness is a strange role for Mr. Tuttle. A frequently severe critic of the former Elliott administration, he is remembered for registering a high degree of unhappiness during the years Bob Elliott was in office. One could assume from his recent silence that he is quite happy with the overbearing actions of the Schmidt administration.

In his first and only comment on Crotonblog since we began in 2005, the suggestion that we run for the office of trustee shows how little he understands Crotonblog’s perceived gadfly role in the scheme of things municipal. We see ourselves as active agents of change. We could never be content with the role of trustee nor with the abysmally slow pace of village administration. The latter would be like watching paint dry.

The present toothless Village Board is a fine example of municipal sloth. When it finally became apparent to the powers that be that the local economy was in serious trouble, did Mayor Schmidt and the Village Board immediately swing into action? They did not. It remained for a few activist citizens to create an ad hoc committee to do something about the downward slide. Eventually, the Village hired two consultants to tell it what to do.

As Mr. Tuttle knows, Crotonblog has long been unhappy with the alarming level of municipal apathy exhibited by the current village administration. We have been particularly displeased with this administration’s failure to enforce its own regulations. Its tolerance for the deplorable accumulated foul-smelling garbage behind the Zeytinia store for so long is a case in point. There are many ways of effecting change. Ours is through gadfly electronic journalism.

In our view, Mr. Tuttle’s long history as a municipal critic may make him a better candidate for the office of trustee. We suggest that he take his own advice and enter his name in the lists. In the meantime, we also suggest that he lighten up a little. We’re working our side of the street, and he’s free to work his. If it is to be as the “happiness candidate” for trustee, so be it.

On July 16, 2008 12:58 PM, David Tuttle said:

God forbid Crotonblog would create a place to air “happiness”.

I assume the contributors to the blog, including the editors, will be running in the upcoming elections or is it all talk and no action.

If you spent half the time you spend on creating all this content serving as a trustee we might all see some change in this village.

So easy to complain, so hard to do something about it.

Feel free to bash my opinions, I am sure you will


Dave Tuttle


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