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So, Who am I Supposed to Talk with?

August 4, 2008

Complaint Corner is the place to gripe about the things that irk you in everyday life: Village services, a surly shopkeeper, an unfair parking ticket, unnecessary noise, people who don’t play by the rules—you name it. Perhaps others have had the same experience. By raising our voices and letting off steam, maybe we can effect changes. Here’s another complaint that we’ve received:

My nagging frustration is the mystery of whose responsibility it is to remove the graffiti that continuously replaces itself on the telephone cross box on Bungalow Road between the baseball diamond and the pond.

I lived here for several years looking at one annoying piece of graffiti before I finally called the Village about it. I was told it is not the Village’s property; it belongs to Verizon, and therefore they cannot do anything about it. Hmm. I called Verizon several times, and they alternately told me that it is not their box OR that someone would be taking care of it shortly. Needless to say, nothing was ever done.

I have resorted to painting over the graffiti myself again and again (sometimes with well-matched paint, sometimes not). When that graffiti disappears, it is not anyone “official” cleaning it up, it is an exasperated resident serving up vigilante graffiti removal. (I wonder if I could get arrested for painting OVER graffiti?)

— CoH Complainer

Editors note: We invite readers to share their gripes with other readers. There’s no need to sign your name as a whistleblower. Send your contribution to us by filling out the Contact Us form found here.


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