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August in Paris Croton

August 12, 2008

We’ve all heard about the joys of April in Paris, with chestnuts in blossom and holiday tables under the trees. Some of us have even experienced them. But August in Paris? Savvy travelers know that in Paris in August everything closes down.

The French and especially Parisians, it seems, vacation during the month of August. The city is taken over by tourists unhappy to find shops shuttered and services at a standstill. Thank goodness, the ever-popular cafes are still bustling.

Chez Julien cafe near Church Saint-Gervais on Rue des Barres in Paris

Like Paris, Crotonblog is shuttering for the remainder of the month of August. We at Crotonblog need a little R&R time, too. When we return after Labor Day tanned, rested, rejuvenated—and as perky as ever—look for us to be sporting a new look that will knock your socks off.

So, it’s “Bye bye, so long, see you in September, see you when the summer’s through.” In the meantime, for those readers who want to catch up on their reading of some of Crotonblog’s features from recent issues, you’ll find them here.

On September 13, 2008 10:31 AM, weewill said:

With Crotonblog “shuttered” for the summer, village residents have lost a valuable venue for providing and gaining information. Since the Mayor does not “do email” more importantly, we’ve lost the ability to engage in dialogue with our elected officials in a meaningful way.

It appears that the Mayor and Trustees Brennan and Konig refuse to allow the Economic Development Committee, OFFICIALLY commissioned by them, to make a a full and complete presentation of the research they’ve concluded on the Harmon Business District. It’s reported that the they don’t think residents are “equipped” to understand the many factors involved and that we need more education before opening it up to the public for discussion.

This is nonsense and insulting to every one of us! We’re an educated and intelligent population who certainly are as capable as the Mayor and Board members to understand the in-depth report presented by the committee. We can and will make our own decisions.

There is a small group 4 or 5 residents who have decided that only they understand the intricacies of the report. They challenge the committee findings without ever attending a workshop or recognizing the intelligence and expertise of the professionals consulted. “From our lips to the ears of the Mayor” seems to be their mode of operation. It’s not clear where this small cadre gets their “facts” but it clearly is not from the report itself. They are a fearful and suspicious bunch and for the Mayor and Board to allow their spin and half truths to go unchallenged is inexcusable. His refusal to allow the committee a full and open-minded forum is insulting and belittling.

We deserve better. We elected them to lead and we see no evidence of leadership here. They have forfeited that leadership to these few people.

On September 9, 2008 8:37 PM, Stu said:

Crotonblog, we hope you are soon to return to the scene. We need this forum to hash out real differences and provide real information, whether we agree with it or not. Issues abound, zoning proposals for Harmon being chief among them. Please get back in the mix soon.


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