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Local Radio Station WDFH 90.3 FM Signs Lease for New Tower

November 13, 2008

WDFH 90.3 FM, a local radio station owned and operated by Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., has signed a lease for a new tower that will dramatically improve the signal reception for its broadcasts. “I’m thrilled that we have signed the lease for the new tower,” explained Marc Sophos, Executive Director of WDFH. “This is an enormous milestone in a project that has stretched on for over seven years. Securing the antenna’s place on a better tower was the last hurdle we had to clear as we implement WDFH’s long-awaited signal expansion.”

WDFH 90.3 FM currently has a very limited signal that originates from a transmitter site near Ossining. “With our higher antenna location and enhanced signal strength,” noted Vinny Cohan, chair of the WDFH Community Action Committee, “we will suddenly reach well over 400,000 potential listeners, 90% of whom will be completely new to our community broadcasts.” Mr. Cohan is also co-host of the weekly “In Focus” news interview program.

The new antenna will be on a new forty foot mast to be installed atop an existing 125 foot tower located on a hilltop near the Saw Mill River Parkway in Mount Pleasant. In late 2007, the Federal Communications Commission granted WDFH the authority to broadcast with a stronger signal. The combination of a better antenna location and a more powerful signal means WDFH broadcasts will reach most of northern and central Westchester County, as well as parts of southern Putnam and eastern Rockland County.

“Now we move forward with the actual construction, and barring complications,” stated Mr. Sophos, “WDFH should be operational from the new site in eight to ten weeks, reaching nearly half a million new potential listeners in more than twenty lower Hudson communities.”

About WDFH

WDFH is the lower Hudson River valley’s only grassroots, independent, noncommercial community radio station. Local community volunteers operate WDFH. WDFH is committed to developing significant local news and public affairs coverage. Current local programing includes “In Focus,” a local public affairs discussion program, and “Recovery Talk,” a pioneering program about recovery from addiction, illness, loss, trauma, and more. WDFH also broadcasts an eclectic mix of music, often featuring local artists. WDFH is affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network and broadcasts two daily newsmagazines, Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio Network. WDFH’s parent organization, Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

For addtional information, please contact Leo Wiegman by email or phone at 914-980-9437.


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