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Mayor Schmidt and the Case of the Missing YouTube Channel

January 22, 2009

Readers, please note that the video box on our homepage is no longer displaying clips from Kwilly’s YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, Crotonblog learned that Kevin W. Davis, aka Kwilly, decided to remove certain videos from his channel after being threatened with a lawsuit by the Croton Republican Committee on behalf of Mayor Gregory Schmidt.

For readers who never saw Mr. Davis’s clever political videos (screenshots below), he presented video clips of village board meetings interspersed with explanatory captions, and accompanied by appropriate music. A Star Wars parody was among the themes documenting the mayor’s hot-tempered mistreatiment of residents and humiliation of fellow board members during televised board meetings. It seems the Republicans are so thin-skinned they couldn’t take Stewart-Colbert parodying common on TV.

Mayor Schmidt’s unprofessional conduct is nothing new. For nearly six years as a trustee and mayor, he has exhibited explosively intimidating behavior toward anyone who disagrees with his unusual approach to mayoring.

Mr. Davis was not alone in noting Mayor Schmidt’s belligerent style. Over the past three years, Crotonblog has published its own verbatim clips on Google Video and included them in our editorial blog posts about Croton’s Republican mayor, trustees, and supporters.

Hence, here are some clips from our Google Video archive. For having posted these, we anticipate receipt of a lawyer letter from the Republican Committee. We welcome a test of our free speech rights.

Screenshots of the missing YouTube channel

Picture 5.png
Click on image to enlarge.

Picture 6.png
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Picture 7.png
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Picture 8.png
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Picture 9.png
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On January 22, 2009 3:32 PM, Anonymous said:

The Republicans have no ideas, no support and NO CLUE! The only thing they have left is their old standby; threats, intimidation, and a Maria Cudequest led campaign of fear mongoring and misinformation.


On January 22, 2009 12:16 PM, Seth Davis said:

Let me clarify one thing. The threat of litigation—like most threats of litigation where there is absolutely no basis for a claim—was made indirectly, in the underhanded, cowardly way one would expect from the esteemed leaders of the Croton Republican Party. Kevin removed his videos because his candidate in the upcoming election—whom I support fervently—did not want any distractions in this important campaign.

As a lawyer who began his career over 30 years ago defending the likes of the Wall Street Journal from defamation suits, I cannot conceive of any basis for such litigation. Neither I nor Kevin has received any formal demand for this action. If any further demands are made upon him, I will expect them to be in writing. If any future action is filed or threatened by any member of the New York Bar without a written demonstration of a bona fide basis for such an action I will immediately file a disciplinary complaint against such lawyer with the appropriate authorities.

On January 23, 2009 6:33 AM, Anonymous too said:

And speaking of those esteemed leaders of the Croton Republican Party, please allow me to introduce them to fellow readers. Meet Chuck Trendell (l) and Bob Wintermeier (r) at the GOP booth during Summerfest in a picture taken by locally-convicted vandal Maria Cudequest.

Looks like you fellas got yourselves a YouTube problem… Reminds me of former Senator George Allen’s macaca episode:


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