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In Protest of Political Conduct in Croton

January 28, 2009

To the editor:

I am writing in protest of the conduct of all those involved in Croton’s local politics. It seems to me, as an observer on the sidelines, that the empty and bombstic rhetoric spewed by both sides serves no real purpose.

Any student of our great nation’s history can remind us what George Washington told the people in his farewell address. He warned us against among other things, Political Factionalism. The majority of this town, or at least those whose voices are loudest, are Democrats, or more accurately neo-liberals. Their opposition takes the form of the local republican party.

I am not trying to single out any one group. The acid pens of Crotonblog are just as bad as Mayor Schmidt’s angry fumbling, (marked by a comical overuse of the word egregious) and suppression of others right to speak in a public forum.

Why is this you might ask, because it inspires sectional cronyism. Why in a free society should a person with views contradictory to those held by a mjority have to worry about that means of expression , being taken from them. (I am referring of course to the incidents where campaign signs were stolen from people’s lawns).

On a lark and in the spirit of fairness I have read the NCN forum. It too is full of rhetoric, typo ridden rhetoric but rhetoric none the less. I therefore submit to you this: That the NCN forums and Crotonblog are nothing more then pens for politically clannish attack dogs to come and ruminate on their particular dogmas.

I think it important to note that i am not Democratic or Republican, Conservative or Liberal. I am a Libertarian, in my view, people should be able to do as they please so long as the exercise thereof does not infringe upon the right of others to do the same.

Just as a bit of a litmus test. I went into a public area and began to discuss views which were mildly critical of our new president. namely: Why were his birth records sealed by the governor of Hawaii if he did no have something to hide.” (It is not a matter of privacy if the man wishes to assume the position of commander of the worlds largest economy and military, as well as leader of the cultural hegemon of the western world) And the immediate response i got was that “[I] need to stop” and I’m positive had I been in republican territory they would have began to spout theories about him being an islamo-communist or some such alarmist thing. I’m not saying either is altogether wrong but can’t we meed somewhere in the middle?

Both Crotonblog and NCN claim to be doing a public service. Let not that service be an open pyre on which to burn the reputation of your political rivals, Keep in mind that a rascal is a rascal regardless of whether rides into office on an elephant or an ass. NOBODY is entirely to blame and NOBODY is entirely at fault.

And another thing, if Crotonblog is meant as a public service, why is it copyrighted? There is a link to Croton on Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia, and nobody makes a dime. Why not instead publish it under a copyleft license like the GDFL (which Wikipedia is published under) allowing free modification and redistribution for the common good. Or are you retaining rights to it so that you might pursue litigation against those who might use its content against you?

This will in all likelihood never get published, for I have flung too many arrows as evenhandedly as I can. If that is true, than you have only proven my points for me. If you do the right thing:

This Text is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 US) the full terms of which can be found at :

— Publius

On January 30, 2009 8:36 AM, Mrs Jones said:

Amen. The tone of so-called political discussion is sickening. It’s enough to make any thinking person to pick up and move. I hope we can.


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