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Taking Action Now for Economic Recovery and Jobs

February 12, 2009

To the editor;

Hall Obama Photo250.jpgLast week I had the opportunity to join with my colleagues for a three day working session to discuss the future of our party and our priorities for the 111th Congress. Given the difficult situation facing the country we focused much of our time on the economic crisis. President Obama also joined us briefly to make the case for immediate action to jumpstart the economy and create millions of new jobs.

Over the three days we covered everything from the recovery package, to bringing our education system into the 21st century, to investing in infrastructure and research to make sure that the United States can compete in new technologies and fields in the years ahead. There is no greater priority than ensuring the future of America’s economy, workers and competitive position in the world.

The past three weeks have seen President Obama make good on his promise to engage both parties in Congress in an effort to ensure that very future. He has done his best to bring Republicans into the negotiations over the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and to make sure that their concerns are heard. However, in return, the leadership of the Republican Party has decided that they are more interested in seeing the President fail than they are in preventing economic devastation and helping their suffering constituents return to work. Even as a new report of massive job losses came out, every Republican in the House voted against the ARRA, and all but three Republicans voted against it in the Senate.

Last November Americans voted overwhelmingly for a new start in Washington, and while we must continue to engage our colleagues across the aisle, we must also hold true to those promises we made to bring change to this country. We must invest now to bring the economy back from the brink, and to rebuild our infrastructure creating good jobs that cannot be outsourced. The American people and my constituents in the 19th district made it clear that they want the government to take decisive action now. I hope you will join me and President Obama in calling for a bill to be on the President’s desk as soon as possible so that we can get Americans back to work and we can make sure that the American Dream is alive and well for years to come.

Thank you all for your support and best wishes,

Representitive John Hall


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