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Schmidt: A mayor with no insight or vision

February 21, 2009

Dear Croton Neighbors,

Last week Mayor Schmidt stated “our administration’s wise and cautious stewardship resulted in steady tax reductions in 3 of the last 4 years when we were in the majority!”

The Truth: Taxes have gone up-not down-every year of his administration.

Fact: Croton’s tax rate has climbed 34% during the Mayor Schmidt’s tenure-from $173.66 to $232.26 per thousand $ of assessed valuation.

Fact: The total amount we pay in annual village property taxes has climbed by 30% during the Mayor Schmidt’s tenure. It is now $2.4 million higher than in 2004.

Fact: Both the village tax rate and the tax levy grew twice as fast during Mayor Schmidt’s four years in office than during the four years before Mayor Schmidt. Yet, the Mayor accuses the prior administration of “poor planning.”

Fact: Mayor Schmidt has done nothing to address the true underlying problem-the drop in property valuation in Croton since 2004.

That is why the tax rate climbed even faster than the tax levy. A drop in valuation means the tax rate goes up-even if everything else remains the same.

We are not blaming the Mayor or his allies for that drop in valuation. We do blame him for failing in four years to have the insight or vision to react to this situation.

The solutions require innovation and collaboration. They have simply not pursued them. We will.

— Leo Wiegman, Ian Murtaugh, and Demetra Restuccia, candidates for Mayor and Trustees


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