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"hey bob w- hows tom brennan's lawsuit against that poor old lady doing."

March 5, 2009

…says Croton2009 on the ol’ NCN forum.

We know what he/she means:

Croton trustee sues resident over access road, raising conflict-of-interest charge

Robert Marchant
The Journal News
December 10, 2008 12:53 PM

CROTON-ON-HUDSON - Efforts by a local elected official to create a buildable piece of land are being snared in litigation and claims that his role as a public official is at odds with his position as a real estate developer.

Thomas Brennan, a member of the village Board of Trustees, is suing a local resident to gain access to a piece of land he owns off North Riverside Avenue based on using legal records dating to the early 1900s to make his case. The lawsuit would force Maria Salkow, 81, a widow, to grant an easement for a driveway to reach the small “landlocked” parcel he owns. The wooded parcel lies in the rear of the home where Brennan used to live, 121 N. Riverside. He has since moved to another neighborhood in Croton.



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