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Croton GOP Slams LoHud: "Endorsements are for those who don't want to do any homework!"

March 16, 2009

In their final throes, desperate Schmidt loyalists have again switched tactics in their war on Leoism.

Like suicide bombers, they have resorted to soiling their own nest by enthusiastically spamming every topic in the NCN forum with the same message over and over again. That message: a cherry-picked version of the 2009 political endorsement by The Journal News editorial board.

But as they sometimes say in the publishing world: Stop the presses!

In 2008, Robert Wintermeier wrote the following in response to last year’s endorsement…which did not go the Republican way:

“For the 15 years that I’ve been involved in local politics, I don’t believe more than a handful of Croton Republican Committee candidates received the endorsement of the Journal News and still won! In addition, I don’t recall their endorsement showing up in any of our literature in the rare instances when they supported our candidates.

Personally, I don’t believe a media endorsement is as meaningful as meeting the candidates face to face, knowing their political philosophy and doing lots of research. Endorsements are for those who don’t want to do any homework!

As I’ve stated publically, I have voted for several local and national Democrats (I loved Zell Miller and would have voted for Lloyd Bentsen if he had run for President) whose political philosophy most closely reflects my own. You need to be a fool to blindly accept a media endorsement or to continually vote for a party candidate that doesn’t reflect your own beliefs and standards!”

PS. The NCN goons further qualify this year’s endorsement by labeling the paper, owned by media conglomerate Gannett, as being liberal. So…Karl Rove.


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