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Konig's Shout-Out to The Far-Right

March 16, 2009

Dear Voters,

Republican Trustee Susan Konig is up for reelection this Wednesday March 18th. On Saturday March 14th, the New York Post published an opinion piece by Susan Konig opposing embryonic stem-cell research.

While the Croton Village Board cannot have any effect on this particular issue, we should consider the advisability of electing someone with such attitudes toward science making community decisions on such issues as zinc orthophosphate in our drinking water and placement of cell towers.

— Kevin W. Davis

On March 18, 2009 2:50 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

I couldn’t disagree more with John T’s post. First, I think that there are many residents of Croton who would not agree that Ms. Konig’s actions have always been in the best interest of the village. Her flippant comments on the difficult subject of stem cell research reflect a lack of respect for those who may feel differently than she does on the topic. This has nothing to do with prayer, or religious beliefs or ethics. It has to do with someone who would prefer to belittle those who disagree by using language like, “If we can experiment on and destroy human babies” instead of working with humility and dignity to try to influence others in a positive way. That, my neighbor, is most relevant to this election.

On March 18, 2009 1:14 PM, John T said:

Susan makes an interesting case for her opinion. I don’t necesarily agree with Susan, but I think we can all agree she has the right to voice her feelings on the subject. So how does this debate on stem cell research impact local politics? Susan’s character is far more important. To that extent, I think almost anyone would agree that she has always acted in the best interest of the village. That is what I think is far more important. Some of the overtures towards party politics expressed in these Croton forums are a bit over the top. We should elect our best citizens to represent us. There is way too much North vs South if you ask me. Calling someone out on the stem cell debate is a perfect example of that. This is not a local issue. It is national political issue. I enjoy a good scrap as much as the next person but this is getting ridiculous.

On March 18, 2009 11:57 AM, Seth Davis said:

Mrs. Jones, you are misreading Kevin’s statement. He is not questioning her religious beliefs. He is questioning her stand on a public issue. How she, or you, or I, reach those public beliefs is nobody’s business. But how those views are expressed, and how they might affect future public judgments, is most relevant.

On March 18, 2009 9:16 AM, Mrs Jones said:

Like it or not Kevin, Ms. Konig is a religious person who is informed in her views by her religious background. Frankly, while I disagree with her and in fact belong to the same church as her, everyone is entitled to those views. While some people may disagree, I have never been one to think that HOW ONE SAYS ONES PRAYERS has a great effect on the job they do. I daresay most people agree with me, not you.


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